World of Warships: How To Kraken Unleashed

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Warships Podcast:
How to get a Kraken Unleashed. Luck was on my side – I KSed myself a Kraken, so I made a joke video about it.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 German Grosser Kurfürst.


  1. But how do you kill-secure these ships?

    To kill a ship:
    Left click in its general direction until it dies.

  2. Alexander Ducaneaux

    I just drop my pants, to unleash my kraken 🙂 🙂 *Just kidding.

  3. this is too much dmg for a kraken… pls try again

  4. *Follows steps in the video, misses the “kill securing” shot each time*

  5. Done this kinda of thing with less damage and 6 kills. Mind you it was tier 8

  6. boristhebarbarian

    hey Aerroon. that teamlist you are using is that a mod and what does it show?? HP left or damage done??

  7. boristhebarbarian

    And what is your opinion on ranked being Tier 10 only (at least higher echelons of ranked). I do not own a tier 10 because i am not good enough, so i cannot play ranked very much…(i stick with t5-8)

  8. Draw the rest of the fucking owl

  9. Yea it’s not that easy xD

  10. April fools day is already over mister clickbait!

  11. That’s nothing. I once got a kracken with 9k dmg

  12. Damn those space skins are sexy, good thing I don’t really play anymore or I’d buy them all.

  13. kill achievements should be removed…they dont show any real skill and promote the wrong things. doing dmg is better

    • Why do I have a feeling that you don’t get Kraken often enough.

    • i do get kraken but it isnt based on skill much…its more about luck and killstealing.
      kills should be irrelevant. last hits are irrelevant unlike damage or damage %.
      make achievements skill based instead.

  14. It also depends on luck, to get Kraken.
    Sometimes the last enemy ship don’t coorporate and will be all the way on the other side of the map. You run out of time before you could get to her.

  15. Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

    Getting Kraken is easy actually. Solo Warrior on the other hand…. (that one requires a ton of luck, I got it with Shenyang on Standard Battle T4-5)

  16. I sunk 5 ships and I didn’t get a Kraken. Just a bunch of angry people yelling at me in chat. What do?

  17. as with first million, you need to killsteal your kraken :p

  18. My last Kraken I vaporized a DD on 45 health with a full Lyon broadside. It was the only way to be sure. It was a blatant kill steal, and I felt dirty and ashamed. But strangely satisfied.

  19. “how can we get a kraken that won’t end the game?
    askin for a friend.” Yamamato

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