World of Warships: How To Lose

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Video of a World of Warships match’s minimap, where the opposing team never tried to play for the objectives. This one Moskva stayed really far away while their team was losing.


  1. I’d love to hear some feedback on this. The idea seemed to be a lot better than what I ended up with.

  2. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    all i see is red ships going for the objectives (and there were plenty actually because a lot of caps started red) died…i saw benson in A (died), i saw Gearing and Ibuki in B (died), i saw edinburgh in D (died) and i saw a filthy tripple DD Division in C and a red Bismarck in C (that also died)…might not have been a fault in objectives, might have been better RNG on green side, bad shooting on red side etc.
    Or did you just create this to shame the running top tier mosqua (that might got terrified of seeing anything that caps die?)?
    Because AS I see it, Red wanted to Cap…aka playing aggressive but middleground camping green killed tham and just capped after that. Was that your intention? That: Attacking is harder one?

  3. but but he needs his average damage dude do you even play wows if your average damage is low you are a nub objectives are for nabs who only want to win. 😉 typical woes in wows (inset sniper German battleship here)

  4. well they lost all dd in a matter of seconds, i cant blame them much.

  5. well their DDs had no real support…and they did try to cap

  6. you are saying, that we need more distance from objectives?

  7. Now where have I’ve seen this before… every day.

  8. no cap kill all
    they said
    whose based?

  9. that Moskva have the same route as me playing as cv…

  10. Wtf was that Turdpitz doing at D? Just sat on map border for ages right next to the cap and didn’t cap it.

  11. time lapse maps are a totally excellent idea. i’d be stoked if you made more

  12. I agree that the enemy team messed up big time. However, I don’t know if we can shove all the blame on the moskva. I think the worse thing is that most of the enemy battleships also don’t cross the line, including the Bismarck who is made to brawl. As arguably the best long range cruiser in the game, I would expect the moskva to maintain a bit of distance and kite (even though I would hope that he would exercise well timed agression and radar usage at the right moments). However, the fact that his allied Bismarck was as far back as he was is truly sad.

  13. Vector Signorelli

    Ok,the moskva player is kinda shit…and?

  14. he is enjoying sailing around the ice in searching of titanic.

  15. About an even half of the playerbase is like this.

    …The other half needs these kinds of teams to make our grinds easier. :O


    lol the enemy team tho… retreating everywhere

  17. I always warn such players in chat. But in the end they explain that they did this and that amount of dmg. While we have no caps…

  18. Dian Jane Santa Ana

    baBBies spotted

  19. Uploading videos in 360p. Shamefuru dispray.

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