World of Warships – How to Play Buffalo – Tier 9 US Heavy Cruiser

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A video guide on how to get the most out of the tier 9 US heavy cruiser, Buffalo. This guide is also helpful to those of you who want to play Baltimore and Des Moines 🙂 Enjoy


  1. Had fun with this ship. Except when Im caught in the open XD

  2. You’re pink! The shame!

  3. Just get Alaska instead if you need to play with a T9 US heavy cruiser.

    • Buffalo is more useful as a destroyer hunter, can be equally effective at killing enemy cruisers while being able to get closer, can put more shells out in a shorter amount of time and more per salvo, and most importantly doesn’t have the 2.5km detection-radar buffer that Alaska has. Plus Alaska doesn’t lead to Des Moines. Both are good ships that can share similar roles, but each is better at one side of that role.

  4. Please do a video about how to play Seattle. The only thing I can do is firing behind an island. As soon as I was spotted I got citadeled 🙁

  5. Just wait for HMS Drake… It looks so OP

  6. Was a pleasure to far the DM through this…

  7. You got lucky yoloing into two US BBs. Not something inclusive with claiming you can make a viable how to use thats for sure!

  8. I love this cruiser. It’s guns really pack a punch, and are pretty accurate. I get a lot of nice citadels with this ship.

  9. IChase, can you do more videos like this for the knuckleheads like me out there?

    • Enough experience is half the success man, if you know from experience when the right time to strike is, then you will do good.
      But don´t be afraid to take your chances, without mistakes you can´t learn.

      Also helps if you play all kinds of other classes, so you can guess their general mindset in certain situations.

      A Practical advice i can give you is, you can stick your nose out far enough to hit ships without getting spotted in return.
      You can look up the spotting mechanics and the criteria in the wiki, it takes into account the length and height of your ship at the most extreme points, but the gist of it is.

      Just the tip and you´re good.
      I had a lot of fun with the WHOLE line, since the Pensa is at T6 now shes also on par with the strength of pretty much every other heavy cruiser in the line.

      Hope that helps o7

    • There’s lots of us ‘knuckleheads’ out here Josh. I’ve only been playing WoWs since Closed Beta testing and still have lots to learn, unlearn and learn again. IChase and Jingles are my favorite goto guys for hints and information.

    • @Robert F I’ve been playing since 3 days after launch. Those two are quite enjoyable to watch and I do try to pick up what I can.

  10. If there’s a Hak on the enemy team, hide. Hide, and pray he does not find you.

  11. i actually enjoyed buffalo as much as DM and Balti. I am getting some good use out of spotter plane as well.

  12. Could you create a how to play playlist? I don’t see one on your channel

  13. What interface are you running that gives you the head numbers and time you’ve been detected?

  14. Stylistic note: Utilize vs Use. In every situation where you utilize something would it not sound better to say that you used it? Just something that may annoy the grammar fascists.

  15. your heal mod in the left down corner spells the word BOOB

  16. “You receive an email or mobile notification from Twitch whenever iChaseGaming goes live, but we noticed you haven’t viewed that stream in a while. To make sure you only get notifications relevant to the channels you watch, we will no longer be sending you updates about iChaseGaming.

    If you still want to receive updates from iChaseGaming, you can set your own preferences at any time through your notifications settings.”

    You are muted BRO! Thank wargaming for all their wonderful decisions!

  17. Love This Cruiser!!!!! Its a Beast it my Fav and one of 3 t9’s i keep in my inventory!! Its a beast! Ship doesn’t hold my best stats but does have my best Win %

  18. Would you be able to do this for the US lights as well? to give a good comparison

  19. I love the Buffalo, WG could have made it a TX ship IMO.

  20. I just started grinding the Buffalo, working my way up to the Daisy Mae. Thanks for the hints on how to more properly use her. Hope I don’t wind up facing you on the other team … I mean that respectfully of course (LOL!)

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