World of Warships: How To Play Destroyers vs Rocket Planes

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How to minimize the impact of rocket planes when you’re playing a destroyer. Play around with your concealment. Turn away or into them.

0:00 The Problem
0:52 CV vs broadside Shimakaze
1:52 CV vs bow/stern on Shimakaze
3:13 DD can keep up with plane turning
4:00 Angle against torpedo bombers too
4:30 Paint – why can your turning keep up with planes?
10:58 Paint – diagonal movement vs torpedo threat
12:02 CVs have many OTHER issues
12:41 The Life of a Marceau is hard in CBs
13:15 CV vs bow/stern on Kleber
14:01 Outro

World of Warships footage of various destroyers – Marceau, Benham, Shimakaze.


  1. Sure, but the main problem is perma spotting and getting focused by the enemy, as well as while trying to angle against the rocket planes, you show broadside to the enemy team

  2. The Bow or Aft on tactic works on all cv’s except Graf Zepelin it has the tightest turn circle of all cv’s on its rocket planes capable of staying in Shimakaze’s detection range, doing a full turn and still getting off a full strike, for GZ I recommend going bow in at first then closely watching where it turns its planes, then go the opposite to have your Aft towards the attack. dont try and out turn it its impossible for all dd’s, Since its planes are slow it doesnt have to leave your detection to attack you as I said above. Nice video really helpful thanks.

    Edit: Just went into training mode with GZ its Rockets arming time is 1.8km when slowing down and 2.3km at cruising speed so dont relying on your detection to keep you safe to much.

  3. Brilliant paint skills Aerroon

  4. Do you guys disagree with anything?

  5. The thing I hate about CV is yes you take only 2k damges when turn in or turn out, but 2k hp that you can’t heal.

    • yeah, especially considering that chip damage on destroyers is a lot more important that other ship classes, most dd don’t have heals and only around 20~k health at upper tiers
      that’s why destroyers with heals deal so much better with cvs, the chip damage really doesn’t bother a daring or halland that much

    • True! But on the other hand, think of this when you’re playing a CV. If you only do 2k damage to a DD and it turns or nobody else shot her, then would you want to go back or would you like to go strike something else?

    • @Aerroon Depends on what the team is composed of. If you are the sole Shimakaze and the other DDs are Halland’s for example the CV is going to focus you.

    • @Aerroon You are assuming that the CV player is playing well when they make that decision. A lot of CV players are just thinking “I’ve got to kill that dd” and don’t ever consider if its the best target for them at that moment.

    • @Nick Well lot of time the dot have choice baout that the teem seaming in chat to kill the dd even if its a haland in 3 haland div and you are in a the shookaku XD

  6. While you turn to prevent damage from the rocket planes you show a beautiful broadside to the cruisers.

  7. Everything you said is pretty accurate and I’ve used these tactics in my dds for a while now.(but I have been playing since launch) by the sounds of some of the comments you mentioned, as well as what I’ve seen myself, I would guess that the single biggest issue is map awareness(mini map in particular) and this extends to every class of ship. All too often I see what I assume is poor plays based on a lack of that awareness. To the point of your vid, the times when I do get hit hard by rocket planes usually comes when(especially in a dd) I lose sight of the mini map as a result of being focused on several other things going on as is sometimes required to dd effectively. If you don’t realize theyre coming for you asap, you are less able to mitigate.

  8. And this is all you can do against a guy than is spotting you and can come back to finish you off almost immediately. Just dodge!

    • There are more ways to counter cvs. 1st, turn the dam AA off . You see the planes from 10 km away, but the planes can only spot you at 2.7 km range. If he finally spots you, there’s no way for the cv to make an instant drop with rockets or torps. Smoke up, and the cv has to guess where you were and where you ‘might be’ , hope you don’t get radared , because *radar* will always give you a hard time. Stay in proximity of a friendly ship for AA and plane spotting. If you have good AA by yourself, you can now turn AA on because a friendly cruiser might spotting the planes for you.
      After the cv has wasted two sets of rocket planes, he’ll have to wait a long while to recover some to make another attempt at the *end* of the round (if you’re not getting sunk while radared.

    • @BigLBA1 Man, been playing this since beta, I am not saying there is nothing else you can do but that everything you do doesn’t really directly counter a CV in the same way you can fight and counter any other surface ship in the game. It’s completely asymmetrical and frustrating, ineffective most times and just a source of stress not enjoyment.

  9. Thanks, Aerroon. Though this does not address the problem of perma spotting, which is the main reason why DDs are killed in the first place.

  10. Rocket Planes are not the problem

    MVR: Am I a joke to you

  11. Now that everyone is bedazzled by Aerroon’s amazing paint skills, I would advise to pay attention to minimap every time he was struck by the CV in battles. As a DD you have to prepare getting spotted by the CV, otherwise you’ll be visible to whole enemy team when you get spotted. There’s island cover available for that, but remember that you can’t use them while staying static.

  12. Can’t surprise the enemy when spotted. To me it’s the spotting capacity that CV’s have that spoil dd play.

  13. Here’s the thing: the isssue with CVs against DDs largely isn’t the damage they deal to DDs but the sheer amount of effort and compromises a DD has to deal with in order to mitigate the damage on top of being permanently spotted.

    CVs take away the single most important feature of DDs: their concealment. They could change rocket planes to not deal damage at all and they’d still be a huge issue because most DDs are absolutely powerless to defend themselves from being spotted. The only way to stop being spotted is to either shoot down all the planes (which most DDs will struggle with) or smoke up. But even if you smoke up, once the smoke runs out you’re back to being perma spotted.

    The second big issue is that weaving and dodging to mitigate damage from a CV will compromise your positioning and angle against enemy ships. More often than not there is enemies around when you are getting spotted by a CV, which means that you’re going to have to dodge incoming shellfire as well as the planes hovering above you.

    CVs just destroy the game because they have no real weaknesses against other classes and lack counterplay. Like BBs have trouble against DD torpedos because of their size and maneuverability, DDs have troubles against cruisers because of their superior firepower and cruisers have troubles against BBs because of their high alpha strike potential. But CVs have none of that, as long as you dodge flak and are a half decent player, you are going to be able to dictate wether someone is going to have fun or not completely by yourself.

  14. The strongest tool a CV has to spot destroyers does tend to be the cap zone, lacking map control and trying to cap is a sure way to end up back in port. The more a CV has to look around for you, the less they will actually bother, time wasted is rather detrimental to CVs.

  15. Another tactic maybe mentioned by someone is turn off AA until you are certain you will be spotted. The planes have almost no time to line up a good shot. Turn on AA and get some easy plane kills. When they move out of spot range, turn back off AA. Rinse and repeat.

    • That is the best and only dd tactic to stay alive right now.
      But WG is patching that option out of excistemce with upcoming AA change.

      -this is not a joke, you cannot do that anymore sometime soon.

  16. Valentino Gordon, Jr.

    Careful, you’re pointing out their inability to adapt to an enemy and learn how to deal with the enemy instead of asking for daddy WG to nerf haku

  17. All sound advise, but the fact remains it just doesn’t feel good getting attacked by CVs. Everything feels like a guess, and holding your breath to see the outcome of their attacks. To me ship players are playing on a vertical level, while planes are playing in horizontal and vertical. All well and good, but game interface is lacking to properly indicate to the players focus fire from planes. I would love to have a fighting chance more then a guess. When planes commit to an attack on a ship. I would like to see what they see by showing both the planes and ship being attacked its aiming reticle. Giving some indication to dodge or brace for impact. I do see the importance of CVs, but at the moment it feels like they are playing a different game then I.

  18. As much as I would like to try to explains things on my end as well, I feel like it’ll be quite useless to the other side of the spectrum who are against the class. Good video though Aerroon

  19. CynicallyObnoxious

    Lets be real they could nerf CVs to where they do literally no dmg and people would still simp cringe and whine

  20. This is why the community protested not to remove MS Paint.

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