World of warships – How to score good without doing damage

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In this game I was kinda forced to not shoot my guns, or I risk getting myself killed. So I did all the other stuff that’s expected from a DD and still managed to score VERY good at the end.


  1. Doing damage is not everything, remember that !

    • Unfortunately most players do neither 🙁

    • Might be just me, but it seems some ships have bonus xp for killing planes? Makes sense on US dds and cruisers, feels good to be rewarded for actually doing your job 🙂

      Had this match in Zao where I basically was kiting 3 fast BBs, dealt less than 150k damage, no caps, but killed off an entire Midway strike (presumably stock planes) and made off with 3k xp. Dealing damage is fun, but being able to do what a ship was meant to do (meaning, cruisers providing AA cover, even Zao) is more fun imo. Just wish there were more carriers. I’m levelling Yamamoto and plan on using a really retarded build. CVs LOVE dropping on a Zao.

    • Agreed. Sadly, WTR has another opinion on that.

    • Well lucky for me I couldn’t give a rats ass about WTR/stats etc 😉

  2. planes help and cap 😉

  3. Awesome video as always man. glad you posted this one. Since I’ve started playing DD’s again I’ve had a few matches where I lose a lot of HP early on but still felt I should be doing some damage and that usually ends up with me dead. Now I know I can not take risk’s and still do well for xp. Just gotta play it safe keep spotting and take caps and still come out at the end doing something to help the team. Edit: would you recomend AA builds on regular american DD’s?

    • It can be useful but unless you have a special reason it might pay off to invest in something else

    • cool. I’ve not bothered with the C hull on my usn dd’s so far or an aa build captain. could see it having it’s uses though like when I have planes following me every where I go and our cv isn’t helping or has other problems to deal with but that seemes to rare to actually spec for it.

  4. Do you get XP for shooting down planes or was that just the 4 caps?

  5. I love Games where are most of my XP in destroyers comes from capping and spotting and the occasional kill steal. Generally I find I get more XP in games like that than ones where I sink a few ships with torps but don’t do as much team play.

  6. 55th Like 🙂

  7. Tried watching a few of your vids. You crap taste in music ruins them.

    • Well I’m sorry if rock/metal/jazz/blues or anything else that has actual instruments is not suiting for you, then this channel is totally not for you, gl 😉

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