World of warships – How to Shimakaze

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  1. Cant see the video on my phone. Did anyone has the same problem?

  2. I assume this works for every Jap dd

  3. Chapy with RPF xD

  4. Hey mate…why not RPF on Shima…I quess bcs you not that heavy cap focused,more dmg farming set up or you just that good and you dont need it (not sarcastic)….ofc RPF is very handy,and more average player friendly but I would like to know Unicom mind set up lol….poz…

    • Would you use RPF on a shima in clan battles though? my captain doesn’t have it but clan mates said I should for clans. cpt needs 1 more point before I could put it on.

    • ..I run RPF on all X DDs,except Groz…not gonna mention Khaba,well fuck it I just did..just for the caps,and to kinda prepare for potential troubles depending on enemy team set up during caping…Im thinking it will help to win more games but thats not the case…anyway strong tool in some occasions…I wont bother you further,thx for you time…

    • If you find it useful then use it ofc, not every build is for everyone, gl

    • I find it useful for hunting DD’s but I just don’t do that with shima 🙂

    • for me RPF is more usefull in the end game .. locating the direction of the last few targets . 🙂

  5. Why do most of your videos not play on mobile, great channel and enjoy your stream

  6. Protip: this map, if there’s a (random) montana on this side, pretend he’s already dead. I’ve seriously never seen a montana survive there and/or be useful, at all.

  7. Great game! Wish i had those Shima games these days, seems you never get a torphit with all the planes, DDs, hydros, radars and all else.

  8. what about having expert marksman and torp acceleration instead of AFT?

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