World of Warships: How to Space Battles! New Ship mode!

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With the latest update in World of Warships bringing a new fun game mode I made a quick video on it! Warships has gone to and you can try it out for yourself as long as you have a T6 or higher ship!


  1. Nice vid, but I take issue with the tier 6 requirement. Not all players have a tier 6, so those that don’t are excluded from a fun mode that should be open to all. Good job WG, you’ve hyped up these space battles then tell us you need a tier 6 to unlock them.

    • yeah i have a tier V i just never play, im decent when i play so artis is being a little ignorant. World of warships has highlighted my tips on twitter so i guess im qualified lol

    • Davie00 if you think V plays remotely close to X you’re an idiot

    • Artis Life lmao

    • I literally re-downloaded it to play this again because of this mode…T6 requirement…Uninstalled after shortly installing it. Not worth my time lol. I have like, too many ships and none of them T6. Because I’m a completionist with no money. So GG, I try to get all the ships. 😀 I’ve got like, 4 T3s and no T4s. Pretty disappointed. Glad to see I never sank money into this.

    • Davie00 life, is a joke too , dont make me laugh fucking retard , you are playing the game too, the fact that you dont play as much as some dosent make your life better pathetic human idiot!

  2. A voice from beyond space…


  3. You forgot to mention that you earn elite XP for commanders with these ships

  4. Agree: The Norma *is* super fun.
    Disagree: “There’s no salt in space”. Not only have I seen lots already, but it often came in ALL CAPS!
    You just can’t fix stupid.

  5. Okay, where is the Space Battleship Yamato!

  6. I’m annoyed that I have to be tier 6 when I’m tier 4 as I haven’t been playing that long. The only reason I want to play space battles is bc when I was a kid I loved the cartoon ‘STARBLAZERS’, and the ship was based on the ‘YAMATO’ Japanese battleship which IMO is the best battleship ever built. Mind you I’m nearly 46yo, but a big kid at heart, lol.
    Edit: The only thing that sucks about this game is you have to PAY to get the famous warships, and it’s just too expensive for a fucking GAME.

  7. Are you taking th

  8. Personally I think the missed opportunity is not creating their own space game

  9. haha the G-Force in the space? good…

  10. they really need physics classes

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