World of warships – How to stay alive in a DD UNDER RADAR

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Here’s a tutorial for you DD players out there. I realize a lot of you don’t know some tricks. Well all that competitive I played taught me a valuable lesson and that is how to stay alive while being radared in the open sea, basically how to stay alive with no hard cover to hide behind.


  1. This should help all you brave captains out there, gl 😉

  2. I’m trying to improve my DD-skills and your Videos are really helping! keep up the good work!

  3. Lol, loved your commentary when you were facing the atago 🙂

  4. And soon we have Pan-Asain dd’s with radar? Makes it even more nerve – racking.

  5. Christopher Mavromatis

    Now think you’re gonna have more matches like this with the pan Asian DD from tier 8-10

  6. Fuck radar

  7. man, u are so so funny. love ur videos, and as a bonus, you def have the voice of SID from iceage :))) epic.

  8. hallo man ! Cannt believe, that after more than 1 year of playing WOWs and watching Flamus and other streams, meeting you in battles and watching you in competitive games in multiple streams, only yesterday i accidentally found your stream on Twitch ! MAN, you are superb entertainer ! Now, following your twitch, subscribed here ! Keep this superb job Man and THX !!!

  9. lol…just another vidz that make my associates wonder whats so funny ;P

  10. This is so absolutely funny, how you almost endure physical pain due to this game. 😀

  11. Best commentaries ever


  13. Funny vid. Nice one.

  14. Radar should not be able to see through land!!!!

  15. gg so funny

  16. so how come you had the shortest radar detection i have ever seen???? In my shima with the balti, FKDD!!!!!

  17. Great East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere

    tier 9 and 10 battle, DD has no place there. Radar always fck me up.

  18. Krazzy..Best laugh I’ve had in a long time.

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