World of Warships – How To Throw 101

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The difference between a good player and a great player in is knowing how and when to make the right decisions, or more simply, prevent games from being thrown.


  1. New intro?

  2. extremly good example for decision making in WOWS !! Many good examples
    here !! Good job Ichase !

  3. Played with this Shima player a few times. Yup, seems about right.

  4. Ironic topic. Just lost a game when our CV (out of planes) charged the
    enemy base solo & got torpedoed to death with literally one second left on
    the clock.

    Actually, the only game I managed a win in this morning was the one where I
    ignored the pleas of a couple teammates and went ahead and solo capped the
    enemy base. As the last second ticked off our remaining ships had somehow
    allowed two nearly full health battleships to get into our cap.

  5. That physically hurt to watch (cuz I punched the monitor). Wow.

  6. Please next guide on how to catch

  7. this is so depressing to watch…….
    the yamato one is a fun one. this one is just depressing

  8. What I learned in high-tier: don’t play cruiser unless you have a very,
    very well developed game-sense. As soon as you pop up all the guns will
    automatically aim at you. Your angling is irrelevant, you WILL get
    citateled if the BB hits you. You must be the biggest pussy in order to do
    something. That’s btw why the British line is actually somewhat
    competitive: stay in smoke all time and camp behind an island while smoke
    is on cd

  9. Destroyer play that bad is just triggering.

  10. Problem is, those who need to watch and learn from these kind of videos
    don’t do it. They do not care to improve. As someone mentioned…Dunning
    Kruger effect. They don’t research on ways to play better. Still a great
    great video Ichase.

  11. That Shima kill at 4:14 was really elegant.
    1) count seconds until reload is done,
    2) place target too juicy to pass up
    3) launch at known approach
    4) profit.

  12. As a relatively new player who is okay with the fundamentals of the game,
    but is lacking experience with map awareness and team play, I have to say
    To more experienced players please be vocal in chat. If I’m making an
    obvious mistake, please tell me, but don’t be a gigantic douche about it.
    People get way too salty when things go downhill, even in this replay. (Is
    bad play grounds for reporting?)
    At the start of the match, suggest a course of action, plan with the team.
    I will listen to you. Then most importantly, once a course of action has
    been decided, don’t just be silent the rest of the match, keep up with the
    plan, and adapt to the changing circumstances.
    I AM getting better at reading a situation and knowing what to do but I can
    still improve, but I really hate matches that start great, but then go
    silent in comms, and then fall apart. As well as players that drop insults
    and obscenites as soon as something bad happens. Both new players, and
    experinced ones need to use their heads.

  13. but hey that hipper didn’t see the battleship cuzco it’s was hiding in

  14. IChase, have you considered doing some Captain’s Academy videos on
    understanding points and area control? There are still lots of players with
    the mentality that they must live and kill other ships, which is important.
    But they don’t push caps. Or they do like the BB above. A series on how to
    win vs how to fight. Stuff like support also.

  15. Ya know, if you want to make a statement without going off-track with the
    video, feel free to pause it, talk, then unpause. Can even throw a fancy
    graphic on the video, with some pointing arrows and squiggles ;p

    Also, 5:20 … LOVING the 3 BB that all ran, and then the only BB that had
    an excuse (the damaged Amagi) was also the only one to turn back and
    contest cap… while the other 2 go find an island to hide behind. For
    Shame, tirpitz and Montana.

    12:20 “so, now you’re the Montana, what do you do”. Answer: Anything is
    better than what he did up to this point.

  16. Simple… the big difference with win% and WTR of 1200 and 1600 is

  17. If I had a doubloon for every DD captain that ditched capping and cost us
    the game i could prolly move all the xp off my premiums into free xp….

  18. Everybody in chat blames the Shimakaze, and rightly so, but man, that
    Montana indeciveness and then making the completely wrong choice made me

  19. Those noobs just never use their brains and move by instinct like zombies.
    They deserve to lose

  20. pathetic braindead shit to the brain moments…ahh u can feel so helpless

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