World of Warships – How to Wooster in the upcoming Ranked Season

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I thought I might give you guys my recommended captain build and ship spec for Worchester in the upcoming Ranked season.

My games on other Youtubers channels.

; )

Have a good one!



  1. hey its not friday yet!

    • Sorry buddy! I was drinking some cold beers in the warm sun and kind of jumped the gun a bit!! ;D

      And also I had some free time and a shit ton of great games in storage so I will probably release some more then just 16.00 on fridays, I hope this is ok?

  2. How to minotaur since i do not own a worcester((

    • Well its basicaly the same, but with fewer consumables. Will try and upload a video on Mino as well. But truth be told im actually learning that ship myself. A good source for info on how to play Mino is Flambass. Hes the one im learning from.

  3. You mean world of warplanes 🙂

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