World of warships – How to Zao

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I decided to take out the good old Zao. Now anyone that’s been on my channel a bit knows that me and this ship DO NOT like each other very much, We used to be in love with one another but that is over I guess, she dumped me and you know how that goes.


  1. Brings back memories

  2. TheCompulsiveWinner

    Damn it Flambass I always miss your streams cause I have school in the morning xD. But that’s really cool how “Zao” means evil in Croatian. Thanks for sharing.

  3. 一つのボタン私

    speshuul 😀

  4. Dobar., Los,. Zao….!! Bas tako.. 🙂

  5. Whenever I’m playing Zao, I’m just getting derped right through the nose. It’s nice to see that this is not the fault of the ship itself.

  6. siegeszug_im_overdrive

    Zao or “Sau” with the same pronounciation means “female pig” and serves as a good old insult in Germany.

  7. nemoj ici lijevo 😀

  8. F3’s are brutal lol.

  9. Any advice for progressing up the tiers quickly?

    • $$$$$ Get to Zao in no time.

    • Depends what you aim for, at start you have to try everything to know what you want to play but once you define that just stick to 1 or 2 lines and grind them, focus on missions and campaign to get some free exp and prem time to speed up the process. Don’t yolo too much otherwise if you die too soon and don’t get to do a lot, you’ll spend more time w8ing for your ship to come back then playing

    • dont worry mate, im good at that, already given the shits over £400 from tanks

    • mainly everything, i want everything, atm im really liking the Clemson tho so ill stick with that

    • Clemson is amazing ship, and for me USN DD line feels more fun to play compared to IJN DD line (I have Shima, and I’m currently at Fletcher).

  10. your command of the vernacular is as impressive as your skilz : )

  11. Where are you from Flambass?

  12. Everytime I see “How to …” from Flam I always think it is going to be a “How not to …”. Because of that “How to BB video”.

  13. Pushing in Zao .. how !! I’d get insta citadel’d 🙂 nice vid

  14. Zao, evil, moehahahaha! It has been my fav. ship since CBT and still is allthough the T10 tends to be a bit to “meh” for me these days I still perform in it. Not OMNI worthy but worthy enough for me. Knowing it means evil only adds to that ;).

    One question though, how do I follow your streams? (I know, despite beeing a game developer I know nothing (John Snow).

  15. If you spell Zao a bit fast it sound like the german Sau which means “dirty” pig.

  16. pozz 🙂

  17. ..dat shitty video quality …if u not potato play u have to have potato capture at least.

  18. What camouflage is that on the zao?

  19. I like that atleast 1 OMNI approve of the old D-C combo on this map. I think it the most viable tactic to take 2-3 strong ships there and secure 50% of the caps in 2-3 min instead of punshing youre head against the wall at A for half the game.

    • Well as long as you don’t take too many ships and make it as fast as possible, you can make it work, otherwise better not

    • Flambass Yeah, you never want any slow BBs there. But 1 DD and 1-2 cruisers usually do the trick. And then you can Ninja C from the channel.

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