World of Warships – How well do YOU handle pressure?

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Here is a perfect example of a game being decided by 1 player and his 1 decision. Ofc everyone had their contribution which to this final outcome but in the end it all came down to 1 thing. If this 1 thing went differently, the whole match would have different final result.

I know it's easy to watch others and judge but how well do YOU think YOU handle pressure?

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I had a mild panic attack when i read the title

    So…. Thats how well i handle pressure

  2. 16:30 am I the only one who thinks that gearing sounds like a train?

  3. Escort…. do you have a hourly rate or is it nightly 😛

  4. Enemy haku messed up…
    Flambass compliments enemy haku…

    is that BM?

  5. Νίκος Μπρέστας

    First of all well done to the friendly Zao that went near the island. This reduced the time of getting spotted and so the planes started their attack late, thus not allowing the cv to aim well. The enemy CV shoould have approached from the middle of the cap, not over the island, that is why he potatoed. Just my 0.02$

    • Zao should have been hugging the edge of the cap furthest from the carrier instead of moving toward it. If it had done that the carrier would have arrived too late to even get the drop off.

  6. “Some of the new maps”

    Wow, you hit where it hurts.

  7. They need to just do away with Defensive AA altogether. Either that or buff the hell out of it. If a tier 10 cruiser with strong AA to begin with can’t use it to destroy at least one squadron of torpedo bombers, there’s really no point.

    • DFFA only boost passive by 50% its better for when they first get in your AA because it massive boost flack and its damage….. He had the massive AA skill which on the DM is actually a down side to have because you can’t use the sector boost on your strong AA

  8. This must be legendary mod DM? The acceleration is great.

  9. Enemy CV missed – Flambass: compliment for good manners. LOL

  10. That enemy Kleber’s failed torpedo attack made me die inside.

  11. The Montana was a full 25kg sack of potato.

  12. Ali Tayhan Tanrıver

    Its so bad even the Des Moines cant defend himself with AA Skill and AA Boost against planes :/

    • Yeah, that’s kind of crazy to me. And when you consider that the carrier can just vomit out another strike if that one goes down… ridiculous.

    • @King Hosed The only reason why he was able to drop twice was probably because flambass AA was heavily damaged.. and even then.. he managed to shoot down 9 planes on that single run. And I honestly don’t think that a CV can “vomit” strike after strike after strike if he intends to be of any use to its team. Unlike main guns or torpedos tubes, planes management is a thing.

  13. The day they patched the update with new sounds. First time I fired my guns on a battleship – the whole house shook from the explosions out of my speakers. Damn near had a heart attack.

  14. Did you see the plane crash into the Des Moines at 11:47?

  15. They didn’t screw up the audio for plane sounds. It’s a buff for CV players. As usual.

  16. With the AA rework a CV gets 2 drops on a DM with DF running. Seems legit.

    • Well, as stated in another comment, DFAA boosts passive damage. and, with the amount of damage he received, chances are that this AA took lots of damage and wasn’t running at 100%. soo the DFAA boost was less effective. Because your right, a 100% AA DM with DFAA will tear thru planes like a hot knife in butter, and I’m talking from experience.

  17. Flambino is a professional escort….you heard it here first lol

  18. Flambass get rid of that MAA! May have secured a few more planes without it

  19. As long as you keep streaming if you become and escort we will all be happy 🙂

  20. In the end, I don’t think the CV missed his first torp drop, I think he was trying to lock the Zao in a straight line to be able to do a flank run with his second pass to minimize the dodge chance. I use these tactics a lot with usually good result (also works on DDs)

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