World of Warships: HOW?!

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I have no words.


  1. That takes skillz !

  2. I’m not surprised.

  3. I love that laugh at the end……..

  4. good ol’ white line torps

  5. Looks like my average teammate.

  6. Priceless

  7. Sometimes it’s best not to ask questions, and only bask in the fact that he will be a Tier X player one day.

  8. Best torper EU!

  9. DUDE! I totally suck with destroyers, and I wouldn’t have missed THAT!

  10. It was at this moment he knew, he fked up

  11. That was a Hunt-R run. I rely too much on the aiming aid as well…. (* sigh *)

  12. same thing happened to me a few days back, a mutsucky charged my Nawlens and got so close that his torps didn’t arm on my hull lol

  13. 2:21 enemy destroyer suck

  14. You lucky

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