World of Warships-HSF Harekaze -IJN power house

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Puddin here with a game in Harekaze. I love this ship. We start by taking B then defend it and spot the mid. Trying to ignore a troll. See we are going to lose C so we try and take A while defining the CV all in a Cyclone.

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  1. Great commentary and analysis…..

  2. Puddin’ = LEGEND

  3. Real smart play style. Congrats. That Hipper player unsportsmanlike behavior it is becoming sadly something common. “Wargaming” should chat ban immediately this kind of behavior.

    • Just look at the name of the guy: Reroll_Troll. That is the only purpose of his existence: troll people. Unfortunately, WG is doing a really bad job at policing the trolls. Once I went above and beyond to report a bot that was annoying low tier games for months and WG response was like they know what they are doing and it is not my call to decide if that player should be punished or not.

  4. Great game play. I like the way you used smoke. Smoke play is hard to learn. I haven’t, but from the number of torp hits I get firing into it, I am not alone. Do you ever run TRB?

    • Tried it on the Kagero and did not like . I think TRB is more selfish and smoke is more useful and I div a lot so it is a smoke live for me.

  5. Great explanation of why you’re doing what you’re doing at the time. Though I wish I could run across more of these reds that are never looking in my direction.
    And WG really should apply some type of cool down on the F keys and map pings. Annoying as all get out when one player just sails around constantly spamming the F key the entire game. Give the F keys the same limits as the horns.

  6. Nice replay Puddin, To bad there are trolls that make the game less enjoyable

  7. Rahulaanchal Gupta

    Hey man awesome game! And it’s to help u with a pronunciation problem u can just say eden-burugh instead of eden-burugh-burugh…no offense just here to help a man out..

  8. I paused the vid wondering was that beeping on my end or yours. xD

  9. Destroyer Inazuma

    Gg well played. Great move from the Alsace !

  10. Great video pudding

  11. John Chucky Tomlinson

    GG Puddin, and i love how you and SneakYSnake, give an overview of what you are doing to help your team Win!! And also, I’m not a player, I’m a spectacular that loves watching.. What did you mean when you said the guy was hitting the F key?? And thank you for your vids…..?

    • The F1-10 keys are set for messages in chat box.The F10 key is set to “Fair winds and following sea” and you hear the captain say good luck

  12. You are the best CC and I watch them all. You TEACH tactics that players can apply in their games and become better. Great information. Thanks.

  13. Working on getting IFHE. I play her stealth but want some gunboat for defensive knifefighting.

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