World of Warships – Hsien Yang First Impression

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Checking out Hsien Yang this time, it is the Pan-Asian Destroyer I’m running a gun build with radar. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII Pan-Asian Destroyer Hsien Yang Replay


  1. First ! Wait… this is getting old

  2. I love how you and Flamu have rather different ways of playing this line of ships. Love the vids man!

  3. i just cant get the flavor of this new PA line.
    If you take radar, you wont use guns since you are clumsy to dodge on the open see, therefore the radar is completely out of the gamplay, just like british cruisers, only suicide takes radar and who says that he has consistent game without smoke in his british cruiser is lying…

    • you’re right, brit HE is incredibly dangerous, but no, BBs have fairly low shell velocity and fire at longer ranges. That shell is going to take time to get to you and give you ample time to evade.

    • In addition to that, like you said, BBs are based on RNG. You can be under fire from BBs all day, but if you’re not stupid, they’ll miss or overpen a lot more than they will actually do serious damage. They lack the consistency to be as serious a threat as other classes

    • good BB players will wreck u easily, as u cant snipe them at long range and have to get closer to shoot, and even at long range good BB players can hit u. they dont need many hits to do significant dmg.
      what u could do with RN CLs up to T8, u cant do in T9+.
      they die from any angle

    • Its far easier for a cruiser with their accurate, high velocity guns to hit a big slow battleship at range than it is for a battleship to hit a maneuvering cruiser.

    • yes but NOT for british cruisers, as they dont have enough range to be able to easily dodge GOOD BB captain briadsides, AND dont have the shell velocity to easily hit targets at long range anyway.
      BB hits will do WAY more dmg to these cruisers than they can return back.
      their complete lack of armor, as well as their massive citadel (to the extreme at T9+) will make ANY visible RN cruiser dead in moments if good BBs see it, angling mostly irrelevant.

  4. When are PA line going live

  5. Great East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere

    Yugumo has pretty good RoF actually. I think it has the fastest 127mm gun of all japanese dd.

  6. notser u can now have your radar range indicated ON THE MAP! check the map options…same for sonar

  7. Hmm. Notser, does enemy deep water torpedo have any different symbol compare to normal one?

  8. Not taiwan destroyer… just china destroyer plz (-your typical chinaman, 2017)

    • Tajmonrvnge This ship was service in Republic of China Navy in Taiwan and it never own by Mainland China, so it is Taiwanese Ship.

  9. what is your suggested gun focus build for the pan-asians?

  10. That was me in the Yūgumo, lol! I wasn’t actually using a gun build, just Adrenaline Rush. Her reload is fast enough as is in base (5.7s) so the gun build I tested before wasn’t really that useful.

  11. boring camper team again

  12. german hydro opop?

  13. I tend to run mostly gun builds on all my DD’s I find the reduction is torp reload time to rarely matter. I almost always end up waiting 20-30 seconds after the torps are rearmed before I find a good target to fire at. The shima is the one big exception because of the insanely long reload time on the torps. I also take torp speed increase for range reduction with the Gearing.

    Other than that I mostly go in with guns, even on the IJN DD’s i find I can win against even USN DD’s if I go gun focus and can always beat other IJN DD’s if I run into them. So for me I just found I won more and averaged more damage going gun builds on all the DD’s.

  14. Notser buddy, thumbs up as always. I know that you’re sometimes baffled with your torpedo hit percentage and a lot of times it really is up to blind ‘luck’ dumb timing, or an opponent being really skilled. Other times, 9:05 if you force yourself into detection by firing your guns, 12 seconds after sending two spreads of torpedo, even a mediocre player will turn away from your parallel course. My impression was that the Hindenburg didn’t have much of a reason to turn away until you revealed your location and remaining undetected for even another 10-12 seconds can make all the difference. Firing one or two gun salvos and the resulting small caliber damage, even if you hit all your shots, isn’t worth the trade of holding your gun fire for a bit longer and possibly hitting several torps. If I’m seeing this completely wrong, please set me straight and thanks for a great ship review!

    • My thoughts as well, realy wondered why he fired after sending torps, and he didn`t fire at his last BB target, while being spotted.
      But i love how he brings the show, like you i guess. Be well mate.

  15. notser? no
    This is Flamu´s voice !

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