World of warships – Huang He

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Hahahaha I know…..I know I know….who did I lost a bet to play this thing? Am I right?
Well…..I wanted to give it a go and see how it is since I haven’t played it in a long time.
It’s bad….okey…’s not a rly good ship cause it lacks pretty much everything, but that smoke is rly nice.
I think this thing would need something like Minotaur turrets that can rotate fast and shoot fast to make it desirable.
You may be thinking that after this game it’s not that bad?


  1. Sphaeram gaming

    Love the video keep up the great work

  2. LittleNinja1215

    Does anyone even bother with french cruisers anymore?

    • Raymond van Rijn

      I’m still struggling with la gallisoniere, It has lower speed and maneuveribility than the Emile Bertin (based on feeling) and is still so squishy, I prefer the Nürnberg over it, that one feels very good

    • Rest assured, there is not. But sometimes, you have to do it, and i’m more comfortable doing so with a Hindy or a DM than a H4 😉

    • Raymond, I found La Galissonière to be a very strong cruiser. But wait for the Charles Martel, this one is a killer 🙂

    • There is more to the game than tier 10

    • The La Glass doesn’t have what I call “perma-speed boost” like Emile does. If you take Super Intendant, mount consumable cool down reduction flag it’s not as bad. I will admit right now though I didn’t like the La Glass either. The De Grasse is what the La Glass used to be during the test ship phase before they nerfed her for the released tech tree. They did nerf De Grasse’s reload and buff La Glass so there wasn’t as much of a gap as well. It’s worth it to slot the engine boost mod upgrade on De Grasse because premium and fun. The La Glass not at all.

  3. “Paint it blue and throw it in the sea” for those who know the meaning;-)

  4. Richard Hutchings

    Hung like He Man! By the power of grey skull!

  5. 정말 대단해!

  6. wtf is this gimmick smoke/hydro bs? is this another cruiser for people who cant play cruisers very well?

    • It’s intended to be a destroyer-hunter in the vein of its development the Leander-Class and the Improved Leander-Class (Perth). It works well enough in this form, but should probably be a tier lower to be truly viable. I’d even argue that it should be the mainline British light cruiser replacing the turd on water which is Emerald.

    • Quin USS Requin

      I like it probably for that reason. It’s a fun boat. Smoke to live, hydro for smoking or for rushing DDs. Good Soviet guns with poor rotation, but has excellent concealment, rudder shift, and turning circle.

    • Its not like theres already 3 tech trees full of dd killing CAs, so we need another line?

    • CA are heavy cruisers. You don’t hunt DDs with heavy cruisers. Only the British and the American light cruisers are any good at hunting DDs, though the Brits are more successful at defending flanks from enemy pushes than specifically hunting the DDs.

  7. Marius Mösinger

    please don’t dunk your keyboard! it still works afterwards, but it will corrode over time and fail some time later

  8. Well I’ve had some fun in this bote. Turret rotation is pretty close to German high tiers, but boat rotation is just way higher 😀 feels like a boat you have to try really hard every game to get decent results. But I got 120k and a kraken in T8 (minor kill securing obviously). If the turret rotation was faster than the turning w/o EM , get DfAA to use the AA potential and some reload it would be good. For me at least.

  9. Hi Flambass, I have the Huang He. For some reason I got it free, just logged on one day and it was there. I’m with you on your thoughts, it could do with slightly faster reload and turret traverse. I’ve had some great games with it and of course bad. I’ve also had a fair bit of fun with it. Yes it’s bad and I certainly wouldn’t pay money for it as it is but, while I have it I still like to take it out now and then for some fun games. A buff would be appreciated .. 🙂

  10. Half ur games are in division, how can you say that doesnt have an impact?

  11. 13:46 “There’s a light cruiser and then there’s this.” In fairness, the Arethusas were designed to defeat German commerce raiders (i.e. basically armed merchant cruisers). They were never really intended to go toe-to-toe with large fleet destroyers. I would like to see the original British version brought into the game. They already have the skins and the gunnery metrics; it shouldn’t take long.

  12. The Hang Meh actually isn’t a terribad ship. If you can do well with Perth, you can do OK in this boat.

    She does need a spotter/fighter plane. That’s my biggest complaint. Then she would have to rely on teammates to spot for you while you’re in smoke.

    I didn’t pay attention in the video, but you NEED that special smoke generator upgrade to get a smoke screen that lasts over 2 minutes. (Same with Perth.)

    The only thing you didn’t complain about is the horribly short range of her guns. Even on that tiny map you had trouble getting into range of the CVs despite their horrible positioning. A buff there would be nice, but there has to be something to balance that creeping smoke.

    I really enjoy your videos but complaining about not getting fires on the CV while you are getting HE citadels seems like something Notser would do. 🤣

  13. Yeah, not everyone is an unicorn lime flambass. Lol

  14. I thought the agile was already bad with its bad concealment.

  15. Is this ship like a “mini Minotaur light”?

    • Nah, this thing has only 3 turrets and they’re lazy af. Slow turning , slow rld

    • Yeah, sorry. I have asked the question before watching the entire clip. Later you have explained the drawbacks. I think your way of playing makes the ships look better, since everything seems so straightforward and easy when you sail around…. 🙂

  16. Can you really be without a keyboard for some days until it dries out? 🙂

  17. Huang He? more like Huang Meh

  18. He citadel chance seems like 35% meanwhile he fire chance seems -100% …lol

  19. Well, “Games are mine to play, stats are your’s to watch”. A lot of my friends who stream often go solo cause they don’t want the stream to wait when they die and then have to wait for the divmates. And connecting to chat is also another thing, since in div, voice comm + stream chat might sound weird.

  20. I do the same thing every now and then. Play ships I don’t play very often and the Huang He is one of them. I grinded the commander up to 10 points and then haven’t played it since. It’s definitely one of the worst premiums out there.

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