World of Warships- HUGE Buffs Coming To Ships That Need Them……Maybe

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Hey guys! Today we have some interesting info from the most unlikely of places. Enjoy!

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  1. Yeah I’d say the chances of these things coming to the rest of the game are low. Just straight up reversing previous changes is not WG style (because that would be like admitting they were wrong), and the Russian server has started to diverge already for a while now.

  2. As an analogy, certain features from Mir Tankov ( russian WoT) are now in global version as well. Like auto-turn back on tracks mechanism when engine is somehow lying on its side due to physics in game. At least I hope so, that in a patch or two this may be seen in global WoWS test as well.

  3. I hope these buffs come through globally, California desperately needs it lol

  4. I think WG wouldn’t buff these ships, because they would admit they were wrong about these changes they made to these ships

    • Well they ban their own creations, so…

    • WGing doesn’t control Russia’s World of Ships (yes the renamed it too) if you watch the video you’d know that…

    • @Tyler Banns i watched i am Talking about implementing this changes to Eu and american server. I am Talking about WG not Lesta games, if you watched the video you would know lesta is running World of ships and WG is running World of warships

    • It upsets me how right you might me, tbh. Uhhhhh, I just wish Wargamong would realize their mistakes, listen to player feedback, implement the obviously necessary buffs/changes to these ships! ESPECIALLY California. She has waited over three years for this change.

  5. Virgil finna snitch

    These changes are the reason why I rerolled onto RU. In fact, the RU Client has a separate PTS client with the changes already rolled out. I’m having a lot of fun playing the buffed henri and Colombo, and V.Veneto. Also Devastation and Novosibirsk are also available to research there. Maine and Piemonte are in EA, so probably expecting them to enter the game via auction soon.

  6. “Sorely needed changes…” – They are getting rid of submarines?

  7. The Hayate buffs would be soooo nice on our servers…

  8. All these I really don’t play because they NEED a buff, the only exception being Kremlin, though I don’t play it much. Blyska also badly needs a buff.

  9. Shouldve redone colombo like how it is in legends. SAP secondaries and instead of SAP main guns it has AP with improved pen angles. Oh and 10.5KM smoke fire penalty

    • Ew. I can already see how irrelevant any heavy cruiser becomes with something like that around.

    • @RPGTKingpin  you forget Colombo still would suffer from short range guns and secondaries and having bad accuracy.

      Also 15inch guns struggle to overmatch heavy cruisers at t10

  10. We possibly are starting to see divergence really happening between the WG and Russia/Lesta versions of the game. The Russian version is getting Soviet subs in early access with 12.8 in another dev blog post…and not a peep on that on the WG side.

  11. Some changes I would like to see, give the old cruiser lines heals at lower tiers that every new line seems to get. I would like to see the IS standard bbs get a little bit of a speed buff, but that won’t happen because WG needs them to keep their “historical” aspects, never mind they ignore “historical” when it comes to sub speed underwater, homing torps, unlimited plane on cvs, to name a few

  12. I am watching this development SUPER closely. ESPECIALLY California. I honestly do not see a logical reason for Wargaming to NOT make these necessary buffs global.

  13. Wargaming should do more meta shakeups like any other normal PvP game company

  14. I guess WG has been trying to make the Hayate worth it. It was a two millon FXP ship and apparently did not sell so they made it a coal ship. And I guess is not selling for coal either.

    Since I play CoOp my IJN DDs run TRB rather than smoke when able. Having both is nice.

    Other buffs that would be nice, faster turret traverse on the Hatsuharu and Shiratsuyu and lowering the torpedo detection ranges on the ones that can be seen from space.

    A buff that will never happen, make AA more than a morale booster and have it able to kill planes on occasion.

    It would be interesting to know how much connection there is between Lestra and WG. More than they admit. And I wonder how they are doing money wise.

  15. Oddly the cc and Henry 4 just showed up on console and they’re very good. As are the IT bbs 😮

  16. If all those buffs get implemented then it will really suck for anyone that used the trade-in option to drop a ‘bad’ ship.

  17. I would love to be able to run smoke on my Hayate, as well. And all the changes are exactly what we wanted for the ships. Really hope these go live globally.

  18. The Tier IV Langley could use some Torpedoes that actually do some damage.

  19. Hayate always suffered because you had to pick between torp reload or smoke. If you get both, that’s massive improvement.

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