World of Warships- Hunt For Bismarck Trailer

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Hey guys! Today I’m excited to share a peak at what we are working on next, a remake of our first recreation: The Hunt For Bismarck. This recreation will feature all of the new upgrades to the WoWs graphical engine, along with a full narration rather than on screen text!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Excellent!

  2. Pride of a nation
    A beast made of steel

  3. Awesome! you should check out the video by the band Sabaton called Bismarck.


    Can’t wait!

  5. “In May of 1941, the war had just begun”

  6. awesome trailer already hyped for the video

  7. Kind of cool, but you really need to work in a Hood having a magazine detonation. THAT would be cool.

  8. Arknights High Command

    Sent chills down my spine

  9. Pride of a Nation a beast made of steel, Bismark in motion. KING OF THE OCEAN HE WAS MADE TO RULE THE WAVES ACROSS THE 7 SEAS!

  10. The sabaton song is the reason I’ve put 600 hours into the game this past year, its the reason I became dedicated to wows and grinded my ass off just to get the dam ship, weegee may have their contradictions but I shall congratulate them for such effective advertisement…

    • Vibhanshu Meshram

      Indeed bro bismarck was the reason I started playing wow

    • I was the same.
      “Bismarck” by Sabaton was what REALLY got me into playing it and learning about Naval history.
      Imagine my disappointment when i finally got the bismarck and the guns were absolute dogshit….I did once manage to get a “lucky hit” kill with it whilst listening to the song too so that was nice.

    • @Smiling Man mhm, 15inch guns in that sort of layout is just about bearable in some situations, I think they deserve the slava tteatment

  11. I’ve heard SLM declare that the Hood on this operation was all grey, and so it is shown in this vid. Yet, the Bismarck is depicted first in the blk/wht breakers camo, and later with the yellow cap camo which WG says she wore on her final voyage. Why the inconsistency? And, did WG make an incorrect claim as regards Hood’s camo (the red turret one) for her ‘from the deep’ variant?

    • Bismarcks turrets were painted yellow the morning of May 26, 1941. The yellow washed off the secondary turrets and only remained on the main battery turrets. It’s was the only time Bismarck had yellow turrets. In the winter of 1940-41 they were painted a dark grey until May of 1941 when they were painted light grey, before finally being painted yellow.

    • All very interesting and the Hood is now clear, but I’m still getting two different camo schemes for the Bismark as she left her final port. Budd says that they were yellow topped mains, and SLM says that they were grey when the Bismark dis(sic)embarked. Do we have any agreement?

    • @Gyrene_aseaWhen Bismarck left port the turrets were painted grey, but after the battle of the denmark strait when Bismarck was making its way to Brest, they painted the turret top yellow
      also the camo from the hull was removed shortly after disembarking

  12. Definitely need to use Sabaton’s Bismarck in it Sea Lord!

  13. Vibhanshu Meshram

    They would have added sabatong it would be great

  14. Vibhanshu Meshram

    Bismarck was the reason I started playing wow

  15. Already looking very impressive, keep up the great work

  16. now this is needs to be the the world of warships trailer and not a animation of the game i like this

  17. much better than i expected, especially since its in wows, you definitely have to remake it when bismarck comes to war thunder

  18. Kaworu Ikari Von-Einzbern

    Next, you should do one for the Yamato.

  19. Hood forgot the number one rule of playing BB against BB – never show broadside.

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