World of Warships – Hunt Progress

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Hunt for Bismarck has been a fun event I share my experiences with you. The Hood has been a fun experience in addition to the event. Each Mission can get a jumpstart with the ship, plus extra events contribute to improved XP earning. I just can’t praise the event, it has a good balance of mid tier to high tier involvement. The rewards are worth the time investment and it has great historical bits to increase interest in the event. I’m curious what you all have thought of the event. Hope you all have a wonderful and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VII British Battleship Hood Replay


  1. obv easy for you dont apply to the masses since you are a very good player wayyyy above the average…

  2. The only problem for me is that there are too many battleships in the game… I saw 300 BBs trying to queue so it’s very difficult for cruisers and destroyers to compete

  3. I just got my Bismarck and i did it in 2 day without HMS Hood

  4. What ??? Are you really protecting WGs seaky and overpriced sell strats ? 100 fucking Euros in EU ! You can buy 2-4 Games for that ! Thats robbery, i stopped playing this Game for a while, cause WG gets even more greedy. Well, doesnt matter, if there re still enough idiots out there, who buy their overpriced stuff…
    Players should boycott them for their brazenness !
    20€ max for a T8 Ship for example + a normal T8 already unlocked would be sane !

  5. Jim Rinkenberger

    Most missions aren’t too difficult, but I think there’s too many that require a specific class, especially CVs. Not everyone likes playing all classes (for example, I have over 4k battles and I’ve never played a singe CV game). If they left ship class out of the mission parameters, I’d enjoy it a lot more.

  6. @Notser you do realize there are no DD’s because they only played a minor role in the “real” hunt for Bismarck. Like litterally only spotting and tracking the Bis

  7. Notser seriously enjoy ur vids! i just recently started W.O.W. & im lvl 13 wit tier V Phoenix. How can i purchase extra ports/slots witout the use of dubloons? I too enjoy Destroyers the most! thx

  8. I play on eu 95% of my matches on weekends and i have no chance to complete “the hunt” no premium account, money to buy hood… playing tiers 5-8 every ship that i have in the port… i like the missions but nope… its very difficult for a weekend warrior like me to get it done in time. I have the bismarck already in port.

  9. I’m a European who celebrates Memorial Day too. Where’s my 200%?

  10. it just buy a Hood and You Win . what that called> oh yea > Pay to Win .

  11. 96 EUR is never ever fair for something like this , it’s a shame that you support these kind of things Notser

  12. notser what do you think about those playera who get the hood camo but dont want yo buy the ship?

  13. Vencislav Dimitrov

    Chuck Norris can finish The hunt for Bismarck with only one mission accomplished. 🙂

  14. I call BS on your value hype.Just give me the unbundled Hood now Notser

  15. also, Notser did you know that for every 4 duplicates you have you can trade them for the missing medals that you don’t have??

  16. Massive bundle being the only way to get the historic camo sucks.

  17. Shadow's Edge Miniatures

    Because the missions are why many are annoyed with the bundles…

  18. Don’t have the Hood and will not get it, so I could only complete the first stage until the last one where you need the Hood.

  19. i have 4 ships tier X (allmost like a premium) with pernament camo i do XP point easly even with no HOOD in port im adverage player 96 Euro its a a crap Price for T7 ship

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