World of Warships – Hunt The Bismarck

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0.6.5 is on the PTS and is testing a brand new campaign that will be coming with the patch. The Hunt for Bismarck is a series of missions that will ultimately reward themed content around the Hunt for Bismarck. 76 years ago the British Navy went to sink the Bismarck, there are some great documentaries on the event. I’m excited to see some of it in the game and hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. bismarck as a final reward for the last mission? damm that makes my grind for it tottaly unnecessary

  2. will my succes stay if i start on the test server? So i can have like a headstart?

  3. Robert Ballard, the name you were looking for. Found the ship. Retired Naval officer, Oceanographer, and instructor at URI.

  4. I can get the Bismarck without screwing through the lower tiers? Count me in!

  5. Maybe a stupid question but this is all going to be in the game and not just on the test right? The EU article isnt rlly clear on that.
    And if I do start on the Test server does it carry over to the real one?

  6. So will we be able to earn the Bismarck?

  7. hood definitely didnt look like that in 1941 – she was dark grey and not blue&red&white…another bullshit by wg

  8. Nayan Ranjan Mukerje

    The ship did have the SWASTIKA in the front and on her stern as an indicator for the Luftwaffe, not to bomb it.. You can see that in the videos of the ship.

  9. Punished Bismarck.

  10. RNG is with you, Notser!

  11. Mohammad Rashad

    I still don’t get y there are ppl get triggered from a symbol of a fallen empire/Kingdom/Nation

  12. Pablo Mercadier

    ahah notser 2017 «i love money»

    notser you are the best youtuber ever i love your content 🙂

  13. mikesky formers

    I really want to do this with just the hood but it ends before 6/21/17

  14. Who doesn’t want a free bismarck?

  15. ILikeFuckingHistoricalThings

    The Swastika was a large canvas used in friendly airspace to avoid friendly fire

  16. Does the free Bismarck allow the player to advance to the Friedrich? If so I just grinder out the tier 1-7 and I could have just done a mission because all I wanted was the tier 8-10

  17. Do the other servers get something similar to this? Im in the asian server

  18. has a release date been announced yet?

  19. Notser did you notice the two “dragón” ships in your port?

  20. BigCoreGradiusXAnime

    uhh… Where’s its camo? D:

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