World Of Warships – Hunting For The Konigsberg

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Today was the day I would fulfill the 4 kill challenge and unlock the Premium German Cruiser: Konigsberg. Question is… How many ships would have to fall in my war path.


  1. Torpedoes to port. Looking starboard. Wait, port is left.

  2. I’m 31 seconds in and guessing the seccond other wise you wouldn’t upload 2
    games and some of us wouldn’t keep watching (not me) if it is in the first

  3. Konigsberg?no


  4. It’s a true glass cannon, Bo

  5. Is Mo dyslexic or is there an inside joke at play for him to repeatedly say
    “Fukutora” or something instead of Furutaka?

  6. Bo, your next video *must* be about the Konigsberg!

  7. Nice shootin’, Tex! Good job. May have to take the dive into WoW

  8. Now Bo needs to do the same thing in his Nicholas and he’ll get the Gnevny
    class Russian destroyer.

  9. IF I get the Königsberg – do I get to keep it, or do I only get to try it

  10. Beautifully done! Eventful entertainment at it’s best! Well done Bo!

  11. kevin sarelse (wargaminggamer)

    funny thing is, once i read about this challenge i got the königsberg first
    try in the fuso. i still don’t know how i pulled that one off.

  12. That cockblock from the round. XD

  13. Is it Koonig or Kohnig?

  14. I can’t find the contest, could you post a link?

  15. I destroyed 4 ships just a min a go and was not award the Konigsberg do you
    have to do it in destroy?

  16. 8 Kills has a fking Destroyer…. damn u r good Bo, u should do tutorials
    about how to be a pro with warships!

  17. Bo, They were not sitting back at the carrier sipping tea.. they were
    savouring the funny, entertaining drink of pure awesomeness…..that is…
    the Moejito…
    Great game once again…

  18. You should post the full replay of the 2nd, epic game! That’ll be fun to
    watch. 8 kills!

  19. You should do the Russian DD challenge too

  20. do more fail vids or show when you crash but your awesome

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