World of Warships- Hybrid Ships Are On The Way

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Hey guys, so some interesting news from WG yesterday with the announced testing of the Ise and Tone. Let me know what you guys think!


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  1. Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

    Sea Lord Mountbatten: Isi, Isi, Isi

  2. Also only the bombers are auto drop in blitz, the torpedo bombers you have you have to line up and anticipate the enemy’s move

  3. Just a couple points of constructive criticism:
    Ise is pronounced EE-say
    Tone is pronounced Toh-nay

  4. Now I will wait for the submarine/carrier hybrid

  5. Problem with WG’s IA is best described with a quote from internet historian:” AI is far more A than I”

  6. “god knows what wargaming can think off”

    Smolensk launching ap dive bomber with 30K alpha damage

  7. Tone technically is not a hybrid. It was a heavy cruiser, that had a heavier recon aicraft supply for the costs of one turret. The ships carried 5 aircraft.. compared to a Takao’s three. They did also not carry bombers, they do not have a flight deck…
    The Ise class does at least have a flight deck and a group of 22 aircraft.

    • Obsydian Shade Tone was supposed to be an improved Mogami class with Takao characteristics

    • @Lancer Macman This is how I always envisioned these ships working (especially Tone)

    • mitchrc3 America won the battle by luck. Proves well that battle can always either way. The notion that Japanese have no chance winning and the German have any is thus nullified.

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten Tone and Chikuma were always dedicated scout cruisers/carrier escorts as the cruisers were the responsible for the scouting in the IJN, even for the CV’s. They were built that way originally, and there were no plans to convert them, as they were too valuable in the role they were built for.

      Mogami was converted into an “aircraft cruiser” with a planned flight group of 11, using E16A Zuiun float planes, which had a secondary role as a dive bomber. The conversion removed the aft two turrets and built an aircraft handling deck in their place.

      Ise and Hyuga were converted by removing the aft two turrets, to replace them with a short flight deck/handling deck, with a hangar underneath, and one elevator. The air group was to be 11 E16A Zuiun’s and 11 D4Y Judy’s, the E16A’s could land along side and be recovered, the D4Y’s would have to land on a real CV to be craned back aboard later.

    • Would the main cannons be used by the ai? Don’t expect an answer to that.
      The carrier/battleship hybrid is believed to be a dead duck. The main issue is that the 2 battleships converted, well by the time they where done the heart of the carrier divisions had been torn out. There where literally no planes to put on them. And no pilots even if they had planes.

  8. To-ne and Ise not “Tone” and “Isi” lol

  9. Tone and Ise as in “To-ne” and “I-se”. The e strictly makes the short e sound in Japanese.

    • @Aravinth Mohan ok, I may have been a bit too harsh.
      But after all, how long does it take to go and listen to the proper pronunciation? 30 seconds. And to listen and repeat it 10 times to get it right? 30-60 seconds.
      I think he should do it.
      I agree, he has lots of good quality content in his channel, that’s why I am subscribed to him 😀
      but that extra 30 seconds are not gonna hurt him. Actually, it would improve the quality of his videos.
      I too don’t speak Japanese, but after hearing 10 times the pronunciation of a Japanese ship name I managed to pronounce it almost the correct way.

    • @Silincer Or we could get Yamashiro as premium.

    • 利根 とね tone、伊勢 いせ ise

    • @p. f. He definetely cares, he releases a vid a day and this isnt even his job

  10. Russian Hybrids: Battleships with DD speed and can submerge so that only island and turrent can be seen.

  11. Yeeeeee they are arrived
    Now are missing italian BBs

  12. Submarine carrier hybrids?!? Gee my two favourite things joined together…. Shoot me, shoot me now.

  13. I want the Japanese I-400 with a torpedo squadron or the Surcouf with its 8” guns. Why? Reasons.

  14. I can already imagine I-400 dominating the battlefield as a stealth Carrier launching squadron of dive bombers

    • I-400 will be quite vulnerable. 3 planes is low and the sub itself is LARGE,a big target with a small strike force and no planes in storage. I-400 is only good in like tier 4, No more.

  15. First off, THERE has been CVs in Blitz for quite a long time now. He’s probably mentioning World of Warships Legends, the console version. Secondly, Ise has 2 dive bomber squadrons, each with 3 dive bombers. Unfortunately, you are unable to move them like how CVs are played in the PC version, they are just click and pray.

  16. WG: New Russian cruser.
    The russian cruser: Cruse missles with CIWS aa defense

  17. I thought you meant: electric-combustion engine ships – lol.

  18. Suits: What the game needs is a super easy spotting mechanism on every ship so we can finally remove DDs from the game. Devs: Hold my beer.
    We need to get rid of classes, nothing is unique to any class, so classes are meaningless.

  19. “Teaching AI pilots to avoid flack”…its called an AA Nerf. Would we all really be shocked? 😉

  20. If russian hybrids will be added they’ll be like:


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