World of Warships – Hybrid Theory

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The matchmaker in this game has always had its’… let’s call them “peculiarities”. The introduction of superships and hybrids hasn’t made it any better.

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  1. Jeff Lewis Racing

    BelowAverage_Potato here, thanks again for the feature Jingles! Absolutely loving the 2023 Des Moines! errr… I mean Illinois lol

  2. Phew, i was afraid that Jingles joined the dark side and this would be a hybrid battleship game…

  3. They’re probably called super ships because if they were called tier 11, WG would have HAD to change the match making system to factor them in.

    • @ArschvomDienst Can you really compare let’s say a Waffentraeger auf Panzer IV and a Doom Turtle?
      But I guess the gimmicks in WoWs like radar, hydro, hybrids etc. matter a bit more than the differences is WoT.

    • ᐃᑦᑎᓂᖅᓯᐅᑐᖅ ᑕᖅᓴᖅ

      @chris charman it’s a bit of both. If wargaming changes matchmaker to properly factor in superships, hybrid battleships, radar cruisers, etc then they’re going to effectively be nerfing a lot of premium ships which will reduce sales and piss off existing owners.

      If they actually try to fix matchmaker, they can do it without any particularly hard programming challenges, but it would definitely increase matchmaking time which would cause every player not on the EU servers at peak hours to cry and moan about increased matchmaking time.

    • @ArschvomDienst One could argue that spotting mechanics in WoT are also a bit… iffy but overall I agree.

    • Superships as a concept arent the problem, Satsuma and Hannover are just as MEH as Yamato and Kufurst/Preussen. Its simply the rest are broken as shit. Im Sorry but Petro and Kremlim are far better battleships thaneither Sats or Hannover.

  4. Considering just how many advantages the reds had, this might as well have been a Game of Throws.

  5. Seeing that full HP Delaware at the end …. Loss of words

  6. “Dumb” matchmaking could also be used as a tool for WG to balance win ratio of players by putting them in weaker/stronger lineup.

  7. Legend has it, that Jingles is still waiting to tell us about those guns…

  8. As soon as Jingles mentioned the Illinois had “improved AA over the Iowa”, I thought so that means it *might* shoot down one of the attacking planes, rather than none like is usual. Then I watched the rest of the video. Aaaaand BAPs’ AA managed to shoot down about 1 plane per 2 attacks.

  9. Petition to call CV-hybrid cruisers/battleships “undercover fun polices”

  10. 15:15 is the icing on the cake. The enemy Delaware is full HP and has clearly done nothing but hide at the back of the map and use his aircraft to strike like a CV. Great ship design War Gaming. Aircraft really do reduce camping!

    • This is our only consolation: that the morons who normally play CV’s are now attracted to these hybrids and play them like CV’s.

    • Skarhabek Greyrukh

      actually if delaware is your enemy, its a good thing. shelling those armor layout is harder than its look

  11. Had a similar battle today, three hybrid BBs and two carriers per team. Like this replay, my Baltimore didn’t stand a chance even though it has a very good AA capability. At this time I’m not convinced that hybrid BBs are a positive for the game, especially when match making recognises them as a BB only.

  12. AA in WoWS is more like a gadget than a tool. If you turn it off it feels wrong but having it on makes a lot of fuzz but doesn’t really do anything at all and makes you feel good

  13. The AA issue is fine with those hybrid BB’s tho because I’m sure that if you actually manage to shoot down planes in a strike that means the next strike will be weaker 🙂

    That’s a good decision WG would make right guys?

  14. The new USS IL is my new favorite toy. An amazing ship and glad to see her featured this early. Great vid Jingles and great job BelowAverage_Potato!

  15. You didn’t mention that based upon the Drach episode, the design this ship is based on should have over double the 5 inch secondary guns with an even bigger than that secondary broadside(some guns mounted on the centerline), and a much smaller superstructure.

    It sure seems that wargamming took the cheap and easy way when it comes to the model and balancing rather then creating a unique ship.

    • WG has been doing that with literally every new ship these days. With the Pan American line they only created a couple of new ships; the rest are rearranged Worcesters and other ships already in the game. They’re doing the same with the new European destroyer line as well, IIRC.

  16. 5:57 Actually Jingles, if you roll the footage back, the Benson only spoke up because one of the BBs loitering at max range bitched about him not capping A fast enough, while he was in fact hiding in the edge of A blocking the cap; to which he (correctly) pointed out that they were all *also* capable of moving to the cap and then requested support. Which he did not receive, resulting in his death when the Flint charged him down and everything capable of stopping it was still driving in circles accomplishing nothing in the back of the map.

  17. it was proven already that WG just simply wait to filll a room and put them whatever with only two or three rules like “same numbers of DD’s”, even the position is just garbage, ships that thrive close to islands are just throw in the middle of nowhere, etc

  18. This matchmaker doesn’t consider player rank, though. To make it more insulting, this battle had all of the ingredients in the room to be balanced. Two hybrids? Easy, one per team. Two radar cruisers? Easy, one per team. What did it do? Both hybrids and both radars on the same team.

  19. Has anyone also considered that WG is also balancing high spenders versus cheap skates or the number of games each player is in ? I do better when I have just bought a ship or played my 1st game after a weeks absence. YES I am saying they are deliberate in their MM.

  20. Shotgun racking a round.mp3

  21. One of the things as well with the cruiser matchmaking is that it doesn’t account for light/heavy/super cruisers. I once had a game with an Alaska, Des Moines, and a Minotaur on one team.. Where the other team was left with two Minotaurs and a Worcester.

  22. HunterReborn Seventyseven

    WG couldn’t create a balanced match maker if it sat on their face and spun!

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