World of Warships- Hybrids Are FINALLY Getting Nerfed!

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at a DevBlog announcing that hybrids are finally getting nerfed! Something that is long overdue imo!


Ross Rowley:

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  1. As usual.. in any case, some of them were really OP, like the t8

  2. I suspect the Hawkins buff is part of the big set of balance changes. What’s next? AA doing more that offering copium?

  3. 07:12 Nachimov -> Louisiana ~27K + 2 fires

  4. Shield Captain Siegfried

    Can confirm, Nebraska’s bombs are outrageously op. I’m a cv main so I know what a beefy strike looks like, those things are putting out Tier 10 levels of bomb alpha

    • well, actually american ships and bombs can do that.
      how else would yamato be the biggest reef on the ground of the ocean?
      USA! USA! USA!

    • Yeah, they have been a menace in clan battles, if one of these hybrids isolate and target you, it’s a nightmare

  5. What they should do is that the more of a hybrid battleship’s planes are shot down, the longer its cooldown gets. This way at least AA would have some significance.

  6. If I were cynical I would say WG allowed just enough time to get loads of people to get the T10 as it was so OP and then nerf them as otherwise they’re messing up their wonderful spreadsheets

  7. What happened to the plane spotting changes that they announced in a devblog like half a year ago? They probably forgot about it while developing more shotgun subs

  8. There used to be a lot of fun at T5. They should get rid of the bots and create a better experience at all tiers instead of trying to forceT9-10 on the player base.

  9. still doesn’t solve planes being able to spot everything. and they should get a launch planes every 120 sec and/or they should get a finite amount of flights.

  10. Christopher Wilson

    IMO: A big improvement would be to force anything that launches planes to be do 30kts to launch.

  11. Geoffrey Stevens

    Yay! I love the Hawkins, Sea Lord! I play it most days at least once. For a while I thought you were going to say they nerfed its AA! I once shot down 56 aircraft in a battle with 2 CV’s per team.

  12. Hawkins and Emerald are two of my most played ships. They are my change of pace ships when I am frustrated. For that reason, I’m excited for the buff.

    • I would say they are both meh, even though you can still get good games with them. The Leander was just so much better (but they nerfed her).

  13. Based on the reduced size of the flight deck, the delay to launch a new flight should be longer because the flight operations need to swap from aircraft retrieval operations to aircraft arming and launch operations. Either that or the flights should be smaller…half the size, so you only get one attack in. Maybe they’re already that way? I have a few Carriers, but I can’t get the hang of playing them.

    • Hybrids have one flight per sortie, and a bombing run from Nebraska’s stock Dauntlesses does, if you are very lucky with your bombs, ~3000 hp.

    • I mean the concept of hybrid ships make zero sense really.

      This figured out way back when the first fleet carriers were being creates, lexington, akagi, kaga, courageous, glorious and designs G9 and G19 (soryu and hiryu) classes.

      Because they found that if it gets to a point where your surface guns can be used it means two things.
      1: that ship has been in range of your aircraft for ages.
      2: somethings gone horribly wrong.

      Besides you might as well dedicate your entire tonnage to carrying aircraft and work accordingly.

      The only reason why hybrids work the way they do in wows is because wargaming made it that way. Ignoring the fact that the huge huge Hanger on top is a huge box full of aviation fuel, planes and ordinance. Above the citadel and above the Hull.
      Just ask akagi and kaga what happens if you hit that.

  14. Don’t see a lot of effect with this change. The good players will be marginally less OP, the run-of-the-mill players (more common in my games) will continue to be a waste of a battleship slot. (Not that my multitasking skills are any better.)
    The main issue, to my mind, is matchmaking. Whether or not a player can hit destroyers with his planes does not matter that much if he can spot them for his cruisers. The team with hybrids gets an enormous spotting advantage. Balancing hybrids between teams is a big challenge for the matchmaker with a declining player base, but it just needs to be done. If playing an overpowered ship class means a longer wait in the queue, so be it. The price of playing a fantasy ship in what used to be a warship game.

  15. PickelJars ForHillary

    I loved the hybrids that would sit back in the corner and think they were a CV all match.

  16. That is a fast nerf!! SLM nice torp dodge at the end of the video.

  17. I have the spotting fix for plane’s and subs . All spotting only increases the detection radius by 20% and spots on the minimap

  18. Broccan Mac Ronain

    Nice to hear but I am still awaiting the Nerf to Russian carriers. They still one-shot DDs and toast same-level BBs with 2-3 flyovers. I have never just rage quite a battle but there have been games where the minute I see the Russian cv on the opposing side that I was severally tempted.

  19. It is not nerf, its profit balance change.

    Once the hybrids were in early access, it made sense that they were “broken”. But when they are fully acccesible it is no more need for WG have them outperform the rest.

  20. I am pleased as punch about the Hawkins’s buff. She’s a fun shop.

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