World of Warships – Hyperweapon

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An Izumo with the word Hyperweapon plastered all over it. A year ago this would have been a joke, but things have been a different for a while now. Also, Hyperweapon’s the name of the player it, so he probably wouldn’t have seen the funny side anyway.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920× resolution

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  1. Less than 100 views, first time I’ve managed to be that early. ^^

  2. shots out against the Neptune …. *reads Saint Louis* …. oh Jingles, don’t ever change. Well, except your smoking habit; less would be nice.

  3. 1:58 *Akizuki make noise*

    *Dies from cuteness overload*

  4. anyone up for seeing Jingles cosplay CPT Jyuzo Okita?

  5. You always get a penetration ribbon plus a citadel ribbon for scoreing a citadelhit.
    So it was 6 penetrations, 4 of which were citadels 🙂

    • Ah well maybe i made a mistake, if it happens again ill try to grab a clip or something.

    • Yup, correct, citadel + penetration ribbon = 1 hit. This was a documented change several patches ago, you can find it in the patch notes. It’s been this way for months.

    • +Kyle Pfahl I don’t know about on normal ships but I know you get both with a citadel hit with AP DBs

    • I think was changed lately to be like this. A citadel has not always granted a penetration ribbon but now it does.

    • +ReBootYourMind can you read? It was changed several patches ago.

  6. That Neptune looked awfully french for a short period of time

  7. Aaron Sokolowski

    Regarding your intro apology, Jingles:

    Please, as if all of us aren’t here for the cat content itself by this point, anyway. Hope she heals up soon, and in my experience, she will. I wish adults had the same recuperative powers as kittens seem to.

  8. Ananab Backwards

    Great Video. Any chance in a future Mingles that you could recount the adventure of HMS Amethyst and the Yangtze River Incident, or the fate of HMS Glowworm and her final battle with the Admiral Hipper?

  9. Meows 1:57 2:47 3:52 15:53 16:02 16:49 The signs of approval from little Aki 😀

  10. That cute meow and/or purr from time to time makes all those jingles trademark ‘reading the name wrong’ moments just fine.

  11. You did say at the start who you where showing Jingles ;). The cat takes your time now……miauw…

  12. Enemy team sailing around in a group in open water getting picked off one at a time. Welcome to the new CV meta. Thanks WG.

  13. 1:56 Akizuki hearing her gnome overlord mentioning a battleship… she has to come see if it can be torped.

  14. He has the akizuki seal of aproval ooh jingles you are the best????

  15. At this moment in time, 12 BB captains who sail in straight lines and give broadsides to their enemies disliked this video.

  16. I don’t think you’re going to get many complaints about mews randomly in your videos.

  17. No need to apologise Jingles, you did in fact introduce Hyperweapon before you ranted about his ship 🙂

    • Glen McGillivray

      He’s so crap he forgets what he has done because of a playful kitten.
      Oh well.
      Back to the Salt mines for the pair of us.
      Good luck with the possible promotion to the Torpedo Division: i hear they collect Salt from tears from battleship captains who insist on sailing in straight lines.

  18. Oh my word the noises for Akizuki are so adorable. Hope she has an easy time recovering!

  19. CV removal incoming patch 8.6. LOL.

  20. Jingles: This is Hyperweapon!

    *5 minutes later*

    Jingles: Bugger I forgot to introduce the player today

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