World of Warships Hyuga Tier 7 Premium IJN BB Review

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World of Warships has introduced the Tier 7 Premium IJN BB Hyuga, and I’m going to review her for you. She’s got some definite Fuso vibes, and also a reload booster, but does it really do that much? And do the 14 inchers still hold up despite being so numerous? Yes and no. I’ll delve into that. Regardless, she’s a historical ship we’ve been needing in WoWS.


  1. Nice , seems like t7 Fuso with a reload Booster?

  2. Hyuga seems interesting of a ship, definitely a ship I will look in since I’m a Japanese bb main.

  3. At least this BB really existed

  4. Finally, that FAT Callifornia got some competion

  5. So the t7 french bb doesn’t get the french reload booster but the prem ijn t7 does, feelsbadman.

  6. So they name it off a Model T Ford horn? Or whatever the name of the horn is. Hhhyyyyyyuuuuuuggggaaaa

  7. What for buy any tier 7 premium BB when the king is only one and for free – Sinop ?!

  8. The Ise and Hyuuga battleships were built after Fuso and Yamashiro. They were all intent and purpose, improved versions of the Fuso class due to the lessons learned by said class.

    On a side note, while Ise and Hyuuga were converted into bbv’s, a sort of half carrier/half battleship conversion; Fuso and Yamashiro also received this conversion to a greater extent. While Ise and Hyuuga kept one of their mid-ship guns, Fuso and Yamashiro did not.

    One could say that Fuso and Yamashiro were almost fully converted to carriers, while Ise and Hyuuga were more like battleships trying to be partially seaplane tenders.

    • I don’t think the Fuso conversion ever occurred. And conversions generally suck compared to their purpose built peers with few exceptions.

    • Fuso and Yamashiro weren’t converted to CVs. They sank as BBs in Surigao Strait.

    • Bruh, you seriously need to double check your history. The conversion for the Fuso’s never occurred and they both were sunk as battleships at Leyte Gulf. Only Ise and Hyuuga got the conversions but were not very effective as full aircraft carriers. They also were sunk at Leyte Gulf. Well, at least Ise was.

    • @David Carpenter Fusou and Yamashiro were sunk at Leyte Gulf, but Ise wasn’t. Both sisters survived the battle but were placed into reserve. Hyuuga was docked in Hiroshima Bay, while Ise was docked in Kure, they were both sunk in dock by air raid in the final months of the war.

    • @Cesar Rodriguz Ok. Makes sense. Lol. I do know one of them did participate in Leyte Gulf, just couldn’t remember if they got sunk or not.

  9. I would have rathered instead of the gimmick Reload Booster just overall lower the reload time down to 25 seconds. Just make it more consistent. (I in general don’t like RB consumable so much) Maybe buff up it’s accuracy after and make it a true main battery focused ship.

  10. Where is Hyuga’s sister ship, Ise?
    Maybe Ise will be the aviation battleship version…

  11. How are 14” guns standard for tier 7? Nagato, Colorado, WV, Nelson, Sinop all have 16” guns.

  12. Finally a non paper ship

  13. Wife is from Japan and she let me splurge for Golden week to get this. Ships lacquer camo is beyond gorgeous and the 12 imperial Japan 14” guns with french boost loader REALLY puts the hurt on broadside targets, I’m a happy IJN waifu owner!

  14. Might as well have a Lyon.

  15. Speaking of “needs to be in the game”, still waiting on WV44/45 Wargaming. It’s been over 2 and a half years now.

  16. In a nutshell version review – it is basically a Fuso with tier 7 Match Making & a few minor differences in the details . Like all ships it is great if top tier and a challenge if bottom tier. Have fun.

  17. Ashitaka, a downtiered Amagi that still uses Amagi’s guns and AP shells vs. this ship, an uptiered Fuso that still uses Fuso’s guns and AP shells. Which one’s better? You decide.

  18. Think of the reload booster as extra DD deterrent.

  19. I so wanted this ship but it seems lacking in silly ways and the reload booster is just a gimiicky selling point, and T-7’s present matchmaking is Brutal nowadays, Maybe just for Narai 😃

  20. Josiah Ricafrente

    Honestly, a part of me has been waiting for Hyūga since I started playing! I feel like she or Ise should’ve been put in the tree instead of Fusō.

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