World of Warships- I Absolutely Despised This Ship, But Now I Love Her

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Hey guys, today we take a look back at the Italian Tier X Heavy Cruiser Venezia! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. The ship that i hate most, were mostly those russian ship that design to hug island, and bow in 99% of the time, were every match, you see them do the same thing

    • Ah yes, American cruisers.

    • @Paddington Not all of them. Pensacola and Buffalo have half of their guns in the rear. As for Des Moines – with all the overmatch battleships and SAP ships, you really rather stay undetected in Des Moines than tank bow-in. And since you don’t have as much range as russian cruisers and your shells are much slower, you really become effective in Des Moines when you get to mid range and that’s where you get overmatched to hell. Not to mention people focus Des Moines when it’s spotted as much as they focus DDs 🙂
      If someone stays staionery bow-in in Des Moines and tries to tank – he’s simply not playing this ship correctly. I used to do that and died too fast and too often. Changed my playstyle to constant repositioning and abmushing – was more fun this way.

      Russian cruisers have ice breaker bow, longer range and are generally more tanky, so you see them sitting stationery, spotted, bow-in more often. That playstyle just works better for them. And there’s something else about them – something strange. I once had a bow-in exchange in my Yamato against enemy Stalingrad. It was the beginning of battle, we were both full HP with no damage saturation. Every salvo he fired took like 4-6k off my Yamato. My salvos were doing only 2-4k to him and of course I have slower reload. The weird thing about my salvos were that every time I got 1 pen, I got 2,4k damage, 2 pens gave 4,8k damage and so on. That’s on a full HP, unsaturated Stalingrad. I didn’t get a single pen for 4,8k damage as they normally should be – I was only getting 2,4k pens. After 2-3 minutes of such exchange he was still 80% HP and I was 40% HP – he was the only ship shooting at me as I was also behind island with line of sight only to him. That’s Stalingrad vs Yamato bow-in exchange for you. Seriously – after that exchange I started googling if anyone knows that Stalingrad has some secret 50% damage reduction perk or something. He was so resiliant to the biggest shells in the game – always taking only 50% of penetration damage. Bow-in russian cruiser is probably the most tankiest thing you’ll ever find in the game. And this is why Venezias and Goliaths became popular in competitive games – they are a natural counter bow tanking russian cruisers

  2. I remember getting so frustrated with the Brindisi I sold it and focused on my other lines. I’ve come to realise it was my lack of ability not the boats fault. Will be revisiting once I’ve finished a few more lines.

  3. Nikola Pjanović

    Italian cruisers were perhaps most interesting line for me, I remember having fun in every ship down the line, with Venezia being cherry on top. Very strong ship.

  4. Venezia has always been good

  5. yeah I hate fighting this ship so much. I swear no matter how hard you try, she can dodge anything, and then chunk ya for 15k at any angle. Now damage saturation does help, but holy shit the amount of HP you have already lost by the time it starts to hurt less is ridiculous.

  6. The Italian line was really nice to grind and really unique. Except maybe the lower tiers 2-5 ones against dreadnought BBs that are almost immune to those.
    If it wasn’t for their crippling stock range, i would consider a regrind.

  7. The ships are fine, it’s the player base that needs adjustment.

  8. A lot of cruisers don’t expect AP from Italian cruisers so I’ve slapped a lot of people with Sansonitti and expert loader

    • There is nothing more satisfying watching that ship thing “Oh, he’s just going to shoot SAP again,” and start that poorly considered turn out…. no one expects that Italian AP.

  9. Luca De Sanctis

    Solid ship <3

  10. About the ship limit in CBs, this season was a reversal of that. I’ve seen teams staked with multiple Stalingrads, Moskvas, Marceaus, Des Moines, on top of supers. Utter nightmare. So much for limits…😩

  11. please try the carnot as a 13-16km brawler, it might surprise you, managed a 270k game in my a few days ago

  12. Venezia is good, primarily at medium range (10-18Km) because 15 SAP 8inch guns always puts real points on the board….but Napoli is better than Venezia….especially in close. Napoli slavo’s 4 torps vice 3 and has those SAP secondaries cause we all know the 90mm Italian HE secondaries are but mere noise makers.

  13. They always say Harugumo line is the best to regrind. For RB. But I prefer the Italian cruisers because they are just fun. Yes, it takes longer and matches get drawn out. But it is fun. All round.

  14. Matthew Fanolis

    I under range some of my ships for the AA, fire I under range my Alabama BB60 I been on a tier 8 click

  15. Only thing i have to add is you dont have Sansonetti i woulnd’t recommend this line. These ships are ALL meant to have him as captain

  16. 15 guns seems a lot, but in 20s it takes to reload these guns, Des Moines will put 36 shells in the air or 24 with just front turrets.
    Also – I don’t find farming enemy ships at long range that entertaining to watch. I prefer replays where people get in close and create interesting and spicy situations.
    That being said – Venezia is a strong ship and a valid choice for competitive play

  17. Never go get a solid or good ship in the tech-line or even coal. Because the expert you-tubers will complain about them and they’ll get nerfed (Petro, Thunderer), I think they believe that only those in the club (the rare few who can get enough steel/research-bureau-millions of free-xp) deserve good ships. So the best players do not have to try at all, and the game-play for most of the players gets even worse.

  18. Same for the Italian DD’s they are nothing word – and you talk about Torps all the torps from DD the last week are allways to late for your target ships !!

  19. Working my way up the cruiser line and I have to say, SAP shells hit so hard and consistently even against some higher tier BBs, it’s a lot of fun. As long as I don’t get hit 🙂

    What is range mod? Is that at higher tiers only?

  20. kidpagron primsank

    I’m struggling with Venezia, but doing well with Brindisi. Probably because better handling and MM

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