World of Warships – I absolutely needed this

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It’s hard to have fun playing WoWS recently. Too much toxicity and broken mechanics and ships and WG doesn’t seem interesting in changing any of it. If anything they’re bringing in more and more of it.

But then I occasionally get a game like this that reminds me why I still put up with everything.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Russian Bias always protect.

    2 videos at the same time! Glorious (:

  2. Came for heavy sarcasm. Was happy to be disappointed 🙂
    Long live Two Brothers o7

  3. To be honest, i like streams without music

    • Yeah. I’m gonna be honest, when I first saw Flambass’ videos back in the day, I was put off by the juvenile music he used to play in the background. I had a really low first impression because of it, and have since learned to truly appreciate him as a player and streamer.

    • I like them with no music too, or maybe with some kind of elevator music (aka neutral)

    • Music is a streamers way of annoying thousands of potential followers/subscribers who hear the music and just leave. If you don’t want more potential followers/subscribers, then play music. If a streamer wants to play his own music but not broadcast it, he can. Then, all potential followers/subscribers who want to hear music can play their own without the stream interfering.

  4. Yes! Mass on Two Brothers! Keep it up Flambino

  5. Watch it Flam.. you might be Copyrighted for HUMMING!!

  6. This is the first time I have seen a Flambass video with ‘Two Brothers’ where THE ENEMY went middle……

  7. Got Kansas for free, still somehow feel ripped off.

  8. 2 videos in 1 day! Christmass must be early 🙂

  9. Captain: I really detest our fighter pilot, can’t we do something about him?
    First officer: Skip to 11:38

    Fighter airborne
    Fighter destroyed
    Problem solved Sir!

  10. Seether has a new ALbum..why i didnt notice that O.o…thanks to Flambass <3

  11. Flambass You’re Croation, right? I sailed on proper ships with lots of Croats. My favorite people. When I saw your videos, I knew I’d like them.
    I’m older (Probably) than Jingles, and I love watching your videos. Great work. Love your humour ! Keep it up!

  12. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    Wow. I thought I was the only one self hating enough to play implacable

  13. The team is actually quite bad. Without flambass, it would be slaughtered by the reds.

    North of Cap A, 2 BBs (Fuso and Gneisenau) with aid of CV DB can’t handle a single red Graf Spee.

  14. The Massa is probably my favorite ship in WoWS. Still sad I wasn’t able to get the B variant though…

  15. I BET Flamboi would turn the new “Tillman” BB”s into god ships.

  16. See if Sabaton will let you play their music on your streams 😀

  17. Kansas is a t5 BB with a 10 sec fire penalty , that’s in t8 for some reason.

  18. Always pains me to see a Hipper played incorrectly. Its a fantastic ship when its done right.

  19. I SOOOOOOO want to get into a two brothers game with you 🙂

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