World of Warships: I am a Baltimore, so I push

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I am a top tier Baltimore, so naturally the only thing left to do is to push like there’s no tomorrow! Baltimore is one of my favorite T8 ships.

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 US heavy cruiser Baltimore.
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  1. The Baltimore is actually still really good when bottom tier. I’ve had a couple of instances where I managed to be top of the team despite being in a TX battle (it’s my ship that does this the most)

  2. Gareth Fairclough

    I never did get to that ship. I gave up on the game after reaching the old T8 New Orleans.

    Good push there! Real nice.

    • The tier 8 New Orleans was a terrible ship even after they buffed it. One of the worst ones for its tier. Still is at tier 7 tbh.
      Tier 8 balti on the other hand still has the super heavy shells and can be a beast if you handle it right even in tier x mm. You can ap broadside bb:s for 10k dmg.

  3. “What is she gonna do? Bleed on me?” looool Love the Monty Phyton quote there

  4. Baltimore is my next grind in my U.S. cruiser line. I actually knew a gentleman who sailed aboard the Baltimore during WW2. He had some great sea stories.

  5. No torps, no fun!

  6. The only problem I have with Aeroon’s video’s is there aren’t enough of them 😀 The commentary always makes me giggle!

  7. well… at least top 10

  8. I totally agree that Baltimore is a really fun ship when it is top tier. But that only happens like about 20% of the time in Tier 8 matchmaking. I have been in many battles where I was only one of two tier 8 ships when the rest of the team were Tier 9 and Tier 10 ships. By the way, this is a great video to showcase the strengths of the Baltimore, and the commentary was funny as well.

  9. excellent vid ty

  10. Love the Baltimore. Sadly it faces allmost exclusively tier x.

  11. I love to watch your wideos to the breakfast in the morning 😀

  12. 3:33

    :-* kiss kiss

  13. Montana Approves

    I am a Battleship, so I snipe

  14. I’m currently grinding the N.O. toward the Baltimore. Thanks for a look at a bright future (minus that crappy T8 match making)

  15. I can tell that you were having wayyy too much fun! 🙂

  16. I really enjoyed the Balti “grind”, just unlocked the Buffalo 😉

  17. Nice top tier game. How are u when bottom tier, like 3/4 of your other games at tier 8? Not hating at all, but a tier 10 kick ass game in a Baltimore would be much more impressive. Good video tho.

  18. M O R E P U S H

  19. Currently on this ship, looking for people to div up with on EU server add Bearded Jabba

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