World of Warships- I Am Going To LOSE My Mind

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We head into ranked, what could possibly go wrong?

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  1. When you said “shoot the kidd”, i felt that.

  2. “This is Bronze League, you don’t have to turn at all.” 😂

  3. i was playing with tirpitz and i got cross torped by sub and BB. That was so frustrating because we did not even detect the sub until he was surfaced to shotgun me :S

  4. Calling your catapult planes “my precious” is simultaneously: Hilarious, Adorable, and Terrifying. Remind me the Sturdy is the Premium Britsh Sub isn’t it? Guess i shouldn’t be surprised anymore, premiums and more premiums.

    PFFFT! Someone brought a KANSAS INTO RANKED! BRUH…. why would anyone do that?!

    • Sturdy is the tech line British sub. The premium is Alliance

    • For reasons I can’t explain, the fattleships are pretty dang good at close quarters. (I mean, they’re good at any range, but I digress.)

    • @Octavius Morlock Well that easy, they are EXTRA THICK! every inch of them is at least 32mm thick (or about 2-2.5 inches) and thats just the exterior plating.

      Plus 12 guns, that is a hell of broadside when doing a driveby.

  5. Suprise Citadel on a Bismark? Must have plunged a shell straight though the deck and into the citadel.

  6. The slow death march of this game fills my soul with joy.

  7. The noises you make are precisely my feelings on this game of late.

  8. I’ve been hit in the bow of German ships and had my torp launchers disabled even though the launchers are to the aft. That’s messed up.

  9. LOL …… Boy do I know the feeling. Somehow we still keep on coming back for more and more every day. You gotta love it.

  10. A sub rammed my G/K yesterday in brawl and did 94k damage….my brain hamster keeled over and made me re-install war thunder after that.

  11. I would be interested in how to do more damage. My stats are horrible and in a lot of cases I hit targets and inflict low damage. I understand amo choices and angling but still.

    • First off, stay at lower tier until you get better. Too many people fail their way to tier 10 in this game. Second, look more at the relationship between armor and shell size. For example, an Omaha angles to you when you are in warspite, there is no need to change shell. You will still citadel him through the nose using AP.
      Third, check your build, equipment and captain. Are you running the right build?
      And fourth, look at guides on where to aim at different angles for max effectiveness.

    • @Samarth Raizada Agree. Learn where to aim and why. Learn what shells work best at different angles and shot placements. Study where citadels and heavy armors are on different ships.

  12. All the crazy citadels reminded me of the time I citadeled a cv with dd he

  13. Ranked is what happens when you take clan battles and combine with random battles, its one of the most rage inducing game modes in the game imo.

    • Tier 9 ranked has no subs and CVS at least ha. While what you say can Def be true, still more of a chance for some decent team play in ranked than random. Ranked and brawls are Def what I play when I keep getting crap teams in randoms

    • ​@clmwrx true.

  14. didn’t know that Germany built its torp tubes out of glass. Cause that is what it seems like to me. Can plaster a destroyer with shells and not destroy a single launcher. Sometimes with German BBs it takes only a few secondary shells to destroy a set of tubes.

    • And on top of it all hp of the torp tubes is random. Altho I think there may be a mod that tells you the ho of them if you really wanted to know

  15. “Bro I love your enthusiasm and your faint that a bismarck can hit a benson from 19km away”🤣🤣🤣
    Another lesson from today’s video, don’t fire at DD from 19km away as a bismarck

  16. yep this is a normal tier 8 preussen line experience

  17. *That’s How Ranked Is More Often Than Not*

  18. I’m jealous! Your attitude is so much better than mine. Yes it is just a game. Thank you.

  19. Hey this is great content! Definitely keep these coming, very entertaining!

  20. Great fun video

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