World of Warships – I AM THE CAPTAIN NOW! (Swedish Destroyers)

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Register using following link to obtain:

● 200 doubloons
● 2 ships: St. Louis and Premium German Cruiser Emden
● 2,5 million
● 7 Days of Premium

(Offer is for new users only)

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  1. Hey hey, idont see a construction site in here!

  2. This video will trigger the World of Warship players, mistakes have been made! Enjoy all, leave a THUMBS UP if you do and have the best day!
    Don’t forget to use if you register for the first time to get all the goodies! <3

  3. This new minecraft texture pack is looking great.

  4. I’m watching because I am stuck at home but tbh that was the best decision of my life! Good job Keralis.👍

  5. Me when I see the start : wait this is a sponsored game but it’s no raid 😺
    Also turn subtitles on at 1.35 in the video

  6. Random Viewer Person Man

    Who remembers the “I am the captain now!” quote from the Subnautica series? I hope Keralis plays the new Subnautica:Below Zero when it’s in full release.

  7. FNaFstic • Leo •

    Wow, Keralis built a very realistic port in his Base.

  8. Alejandro V.Garcia

    I recommend you using HE shells ,
    They are better against destroyers

  9. Keralis: I am going to build a ship in the next episode.
    Keralis uploads world of warship
    Me: Keralis that’s cheating.

  10. When you realize he is firing AP only at everything. Then you realize he is fighting bots. At least the commentary is funny!

  11. I love the fact he is playing against bots and not ruining the game in a proper match by being inexperienced

  12. Francesca Pizarro

    Best game commentator in the business. I literally don’t care what he’s playing.

  13. Keralis: Gets World of Warships placement as well as a free Ship on his Account
    Me: Stonks!

  14. Nobody:
    Keralis: “mY pEneTRaTiOn iS toO GOoD!”

  15. Anyone else heard him say bookie and went “lookie lookie at my bookie”?

  16. Hears Keralis pronounce the Polish Captians name perfectly. Is confused. Remembers Keralis is Polish.

  17. Keralis: “I think I’ve been spotted”

    As he’s being attacked from all directions while his ship is drifting. 😆😂

  18. From someone that have been playing this game for ages, I gotta say Keralis plays much better than some of the “experienced” tier 10 players in this game.

  19. 99.9% of polish people that like history: omgomg polish tank, ship etc
    Keralis: so they added swedish ships and I love it

  20. Over penetration is technically bad, as what’s happening is the shell is going through and through before detonating. With an AP round what you want is for it to go through the first layer of armour, then detonate. Whereas with over penetration it’s going in on side and out the other then exploding, causing much less damage than it was capable of.

    Hope this helps explain that to you Keralis

    Loving your content, this was a nice and interesting change to your hermitcraft.

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