World of Warships – I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS

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I have been through just about anything and everything with this game. From being noob to playing pro competitive. Randoms, CO-OP, scenarios, operations, randoms, clan battles, team battles, you name it, I played it. I’ve seen bad, I’ve seen worse, I’ve seen unbelievable but holy crap WTF is this???

Sometimes, this game and it’s player base, somehow still manages to surprise me.

The game I played was definitely not one of my greatest, I kinda start aggressive, not a lot of backup, a lot of focus and I go down but what follows is a shocker.
And yes I’m sick, I have a cold.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. 6:14 when you see something funny just to see your worst nightmare

  2. welcome to my life this happens to me 10 times a day may be i am not always 1st place in the team but most of the time this happens to me 🙁

  3. Please rate your pain of matchmaking on a scale from one smolensk to double CV!

    • @Elder Lich Those are literally just being introduced as of this comment.

    • I would take 6 smols if I could outlaw all CVs

    • @Sir N3cr0 I play CVs a lot, and yeah, the bitching is over the roof, the only problem with CVs at their current state is the permanent spotting. AA is broken, it doesn’t require skill, not aiming involved, meanwhile, when you enter an AA bubble with your squad, you start losing HP instantly, not to mention the flak clouds that decimate the HP of your planes if you don’t dodge those.
      Fighters are useless??
      Hell no, the fighters are there to persuade the CV, if the CV decides to attack anyways, he’s not gonna be able to do a second round and it’s gonna lose planes anyways.
      Def AA boost useless??
      Come on one single flak cloud when def AA is active can fuckin destroy a whole squad of planes…
      People needs to stop bitching, they clearly don’t know how AA works, and thinks it’s easy to play CVs, lmao.
      If you think WG needs to nerf CVs, it’s probably your brain that needs a buff ASAP.

    • F99th-Fencer #94

      @Inner Arts Don’t forget to mention a Halland that is AA specced. If you time your Def AA and turn on the AA just as you’re spotted it’s all but too late for that entire squadron. They are all coming down. My friend typically queues in a Halland when I take Midway for a spin. These things are absolute plane murderers

    • @Sir N3cr0 It’s a more specific problem as the CV relates the the enemy DD for most people.

  4. Everyone camps, and you get no team support when pushing. Can’t say I really enjoy playing anymore sadly.

    • Nearly no-one “camps” … they just play from a safe distance. Like WG wants it – or what do you think CVs, 12k radar, 15km HE spammers, island next to the central CAPs, and coming shortly, subs, are there for? All those punish the players who do not have learned yet _not_ to push up into the center of the map!

  5. I think the most incredible and annoying thing is that the only div in your team finished last for XP for both its players… Man, this is not potatoes: you got matched with the whole f***ing kitchen garden (._. ‘)

  6. Biscuitchris7again

    _No. Noo. … NOOOO!!!_

    “I know… isn’t it beautiful?” ~Arthur Fleck

  7. This has been happening a lot recently were tier 10 matches have only been lasting for only 3 minutes it feels like, even before the battle feels like it even starts the match ends

    • david and martine albon

      I find that at tier 5-6 the games sometimes last a bit longer

    • I was on the gearing and when my first set of torps landed on the jean bart i floded him and we win like wtf the game lasted for 5 min

    • Yeah, this is frustrating. It seems that tier 10 is not as fun and high skilled as it used to be.

    • Vulture_Grey: WOW

      I analyzed a stomp game, where I was obviously on the team that got their ass kicked. I wanted to understand how it happens. I made my own spreadsheet and looked up every player, one player had hidden statistics but it didn’t matter. What I discovered was very interesting. To make a long story short here are the results. Stomp games result from one team being comprised of players with players that have WAY more games playing the game. This has a huge impact on the game. I emailed WG my spreadsheet and asked them, “Do you think MM made a fair match?” Three people failed to answer the question and I gave up. In my opinion, the games are rigged with the goal to keep everyone at around 50% win rate. Good players will be kept around 52-55%. But the goal is to spread the wins, XP, and credits so everyone has fun. That’s just my opinion. You know what, I’m going to make a YouTube video about my spreadsheet! I can email it to you also.

  8. This is basically every match these days.

    • William Taylor Payne

      At least every tier X game. Games are usually much closer tier 5-9. But tier X is the single tier I refuse to play at right now.

    • david and martine albon

      @William Taylor Payne Yup, all my tier 5 games are a lot closer, and generally last longer

  9. according to the spreadsheets you were having fun (right?)

  10. I feel like he could have just disengaged and went dark with shima in smoke and venezia far away

    • Would’ve still lost tho lol

    • It may have been possible, but DM isn’t particularly fast and doesn’t kite that well, unlikely to have made it far, but might have gotten a bit more damage out. Game was lost either way tho, looks like Hans would have had to do 500k damage to carry that team.

    • @Donut2994 not really. He could’ve used teammates as distractions while farming enemy team

  11. WoWs and Wot forums be like:
    ROFLSTOMP is rare.

    • whenever I complain people say I’m unicum and have no right to. The game is in a shit state. And sadly there’s no fixing it.

    • It WAS rare 2 years ago, not anymore

    • @Pipa Obala That is because on a normal weekly playthrough, you knew that the weekend, was full of ‘play at the weekend only’ players, who are just too incompetent to play the game competently. When Covid 19 lockdown hit, EVERY DAY, became a weekend, and the quality of teams in WOWS (and most likely WoT) just nosedived

    • @OI You Over Here that doesn’t really explain why MM makes one team full of donkeys and other full of competent players. I never used XVM. But I have a feeling that MM sets it up to be a 30% win chance some times for no reason

      Spread those morons around both teams!

      My only explanation is that WG thinks that winning team will feel great after it. When in reality roflstomp matches are not enjoyable for losers and winners. Wining team struggles to make any meaningful dmg or results. Because enemy team melts.

    • OI You Over Here

      ​@Pipa Obala I started out with WoT before moving onto WoWS in 2017. I have never been a efficiency obsessed player, I only want competitive games alongside competent players. I have had games where I have died early with noob moves, and I have carried teams to epic kill counts, epic by MY standards. When I see moron after moron drive(WoT)or sail(WoWS) around corners solo, into massive enemy forces with an attitude of “I can take this” and subsequently dont, my heartstrings drop. Then you get some other muppet behind them think exactly the same, and then get owned and its ‘the teams fault’. I find 9 in 10 games, I am making up numbers on a retard team set up to give higher efficiency players a stat padding session. I consider myself good enough to carry myself, not 11(WoWS) or 14(WoT) morons who will never L2P because their ego’s do not allow them to educate themselves, to do better. Because WGs moto is, just choose a tank and click battle, who cares if you learn anything, who cares as long as you buy our premium time, premium tanks/ships, and the assortment of goodies. I once had the misfortune of meeting a guy for Holland (this doesn’t paint all Dutch players the same btw) who had every premium vehicle going in WoT, his WR was shocking, like 12%, his Personal Rating in WoT was 45….. not 4,5k, it was 0045 and he thought playing T8 premiums made him a good player. Id much prefer WG to educate these kind of players, restrict what tiers they can play until the L2P but they never will, and such players will never ever get the gumption to do it for themselves.

  12. Michael D. Uchiha90

    Everbody hates Smolensk, even when you play it you hate it.😉

  13. Here we see matchmaking balansing Flambass’s skill.

  14. The player quality in this game now is just incredible, played petro yesterday 7 lost games and top scoreboards by 200+xp then the Second place every game……..

  15. If Flambass ends up quitting the game, we’re going to be able to pinpoint this video as where he made the decision.

    • david and martine albon

      Hope he doesn’t, but if all his games are like this then quitting would be understandable

    • @david and martine albon They probably are. The reason why you never see Jingles post his own matches anymore is because back when he did, he was constantly focused down by people who wanted to shoot the sheriff. My guess is that Flambass suffers from the same thing, like he did here, with similar regularity.

  16. Or… they have seen the « HELLO FLAM » in tchat, realised u was dead, wich nuked the moral, made the shima with 233bxp ragequit, followed by his div-mate, followed by 2nd shima !
    Then the rest of the team got rekt within seconds while running for their lives…

    These things happen… lol 😏

  17. Well, I once got a Kraken in Furutaka and these were the only kills my team had. My final score – 1293 XP, second guy on my team – 497 XP. I was still alive and fighting, but the game ended on points

  18. Welcome to World of Shitters. This is how my games go since quarantine started, and I’m Hurricane. It’s getting really hard to want to go continue to want to play this game.

  19. Welcome to the real world Flambass. I’ve had so many games similar to this.

  20. That’s it.
    I am retraining my Tirpitz captain with all the torpedo skills.
    The rest of the ship is useless anyways if you judge it on how most people play it.
    Derpitz incoming.

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