World of Warships- I Cannot Believe You Are Doing This AGAIN Wargaming!!!! Dead Eye Is Back!

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I’m tired of superships boss


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Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Video Intro
0:59 Somehow Dead Eye Has Returned
7:56 New Waifu Tsurugi
14:21 Neustra With An Identity Crisis (Lushun Dockyard)
15:16 Return of The Kings (Concealed Manuevers)
17:49 WG Trying To Actively Kill Competitve (New CB Season)
22:00 Petro And Richt Get New Toys


  1. Italian BBs : Being balance around dead-eyes*
    WeeGee : Removed dead-eyes*
    A few years later :

    • and theyll never buff or rework the ITA line cause WG hates everything italian that isnt a cruiser for some reason

    • @Kolanskiii Because they can’t do that, SAP is already deadly, it’s called “balance” maybe you never heard of it.

    • @Jonathan Petri Go play an italian battleship for more than 5 matches and tell me theyre balanced. Theyre shit and have needed a buff since deadeye was removed.

  2. Professional AntiChrist Hater

    The tier 8 and the tier 9 will get eviscerated by nerfs, but the tier 10 is looking to be absolutely dented.

  3. WG does not care if the old player base leaves, on average they don’t spend as much on the game. WG bets on a turn over of new players to bring in the money. See the CC exodus two years ago for reference. So WG will probably move to having Super ships, Subs, and CVs in clan battles soon.

    • Tier 11 was confirmed in the next clan battles. Tier 10 and 11.

    • Exactly this. They WANT to get rid of veteren players in favor for new players. and they want a high turnover too.

      Veteren players already have all the premiums they want, they’ve done most of their grinding and stockpiled resources.
      New players have less understanding of the economy, currencies, premium ships etc. They’re more likely to spend money on something that a veteren player will know is not worth

      They want a constant turnover of new players coming in, buying premium time maybe buy a premium ship, a few crates. Maybe even a whale who will buy their way to super ship. Then leave for a new player to do the same.

  4. I wont say its dead eye back there are some differences e.g The plane increases accuracy at any distance so even at close range you can deploy planes to shoot at a dd or something plus it applies to only the new japaness ships which are classified as battlecruisers so they gona have weak armor and the increase accuracy would be to compensation for that weakness.

  5. That trade in is rigged I say, Rigged. You trade in a scrub ships for a new hotness ship. Now when Santa containers come around, every one of those scrub ships you traded in are the ships you get from containers. Part of the reason for holding on to every premium ship you ever get (other than the pack rat gene) is to remove them from the container rotation. That includes Super Containers.

  6. i like that spotting aircraft mechanic. i really wish the GK had the consumable buff from legends. it just makes sense. basically +100% accuracy of its secondaries for 30 seconds and a reduction in reload of secondaries. if that sound like too much, that would STILL be less accurate then the schliefens secondaries are all the time.

    • USS Sims, Hull number: DD-409

      A 100% buff to the secondaries on GK would make the secondaries reload in ~1.7 seconds. See how that would be slightly broken? Especially if you add all modules and proc Lutjens then the secondaries would be down to something like .8 second reload

    • @USS Sims, Hull number: DD-409 it wouldnt be that bad. The schlifens secondaries are 2.5x as accurate as the GK all the time. And its reload speed is way less. Its even less then the prussen.

  7. The Bongo comes from an old Submarine movie “Run Silent, Run Deep, with Clark Gable. They nicknamed the main ship protagonist “Bongo Pete”, and he was the Cruiser sinking all the US Subs in a certain area where most of the movie takes place. FYI, yes, I’m a Nerd. Only in the movie, it was a Cruiser, not a BB.

  8. I would trade back in premiums for 1/2 of their dub value. Also if we’re going to have CVs , subs and magic spells in the game bring back the old premiums like the Graf Spee

  9. VIII Amagi base dispersion is 227. The Yumahari base dispersion is 248. So the new tech is not that impactful at least not on the new VIII ship.

    • that dispersion is show at max range and Amagi has less range than Yumahari hence dispersion appears to be smaller, while both use same dispersion formula except that Yamahari has way better sigma + 20% buff from spotter plane (20% dispersion buff is actually larger due to how area is calculated)

  10. The real ships in the game that the game is based on, getting power crept by ships that never existed, sound like two seperate games.

  11. Of course WG wants to drive off the veterans in clans — they’re the people most likely to understand and complain about how bad the game design is getting.

    • Sun Moon Academy

      warships was always geared more toward campers. playing passively is not same as playing smart. and often those who push are one who make plays and give vision

  12. Well. I can’t imagine that many players care about clan battles , however – to be competitive you’re going to need a conde , so it forces you to grind and use resources to get them. Wargaming is going to war game. Trade in is a good idea tbh

  13. I wish that during the trade in event some of the older ships like the Musashi or kronshadt to name a tiny few would return, in today’s meta many ships outclass them as they once did to other ships. It would give some players the ability for if they feel inclined to finally be able to get these ships by trading in some unwanted premiums without jumping through high hoops of “winning” them threw the Not So Super containers or gambling in certain event containers.

  14. Biggest issue is that many (most) of other vessels we grinded or purchased are getting completely obsolete if one wants to stay competetive in this surrounding. Think about a T VIII that has to figh those T IX – T X Japanese BC in randoms …

  15. even with that +20 % boost in accuracy – dual turrets mechanics will tone it down , or wg nerfs it again

  16. I don’t get why bungo only has 457s. Japan wouldn’t have made a gun with a slightly smaller bore for just one class of ship, they would’ve used the same 460mm barrels that were on the Yamato class.

  17. I doubt this will survive testing or the trade off will be that the armour/AA is so bad you just won’t be able to survive long enough to get a second bout of the advanced spotter plane

  18. Wargaming devs are the most careful people

  19. For everyone amazed by the Japanese BC spotting plane with its double Dead-Eye gimmick, here’s some extra food for thought. The Japanese BC spotter plane runs for 65s and with their 30s reload, they get 2 salvo’s of extra accurate fire. In upgrade slot1, there’s Spotting Aircraft Mod. 1, it gives 30% more time for the spotter to be in the air, 65s * 1.3 = 84.5. The T8 has a 26s reload time, which means it will get 3 salvo’s of extra accurate fire per spotter charge. The T9 and T10 have 30s reload, but with Main Battery Mod.3 it drops the reload down to 26.4s, which means they too get 3 extra salvos per spotter charge.
    And if that isn’t bad enough, a cracked out build using Furious is possible. Furious gives BB’s 5% better reload per fire. A Japanese BC with 75% of its hp missing means AR will reduce its reload to 22.4s. Add a double fire with Furious and the reload gets down to 20.2s, which means it could potentially get 4 extra accurate salvo’s off with a spotter charge.

  20. I have to agree that they are wanting to push out the older player base. I have not purchased any new ships in a couple of years now. Even then I have only paid for 6 ships total in the 5 plus years that I have played.

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