World of Warships – I don’t know if I’ve ever done this before

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How many ppl can say they did this before I wonder. I know a lot will say they did the other thing but I wonder how many can say they did THIS.

Enjoy and have fun watching Pommern push ze middle 😉

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  1. How about „Strait of Hans“?

  2. WHY do you feel the need to post these videos right when I’m about to go to bed?? Another night with no sleep i guess

  3. Well, it’s a gorge, so let’s call the map “Gorgeous Flambass”. 😉

  4. Good luck on the move. Smooth sailing. 🙂

  5. Can completely understand the whole pain in the ass that is moving. Just moved 1800km across Australia and it’s taken me 2 months just to get everything in one spot again, never mind unpacking and all that fun shit.

  6. 1:35 Twitch sniper on opposing side is following Flambass’ commentary.

  7. I did compliment my entire team once, but that was playing ranked.

  8. I love that the supporting Jutland’s name is [GREEK]Thundercommand. XD

  9. You compliment the team, I compliment you. Thumbs up! (also, there was a minimap)

  10. Bruh every secend youtube vid is two brothers XD

  11. Name it “Mrs. Citadel’s Gulley”.

  12. It should be called: Flambass pass

  13. This happens when there are some good players that watch Flambass😂

  14. It would be nice if we saw “Hans’ playground” for a weekend event; just something cute. Doesn’t need to be permanent.

  15. A sign on both sides that says Straight of Flambass, Flambass Pass, or “Speshul Tactics”

  16. Read the title and thought he was making a joke about going down the middle on Two Brothers lmao

  17. Fidipififi: “Unusually Generous” Unleashed

  18. I’m moving house tomorrow haha, 95sq. meters of stuff to move, in a single day, hired a lorry, nearly filled it up, most complicated things to move are my animals to be honest, cats, dogs and their toys and beds, and then the parrots and guinea pigs, yeah, talk about a flipping zoo at home?!

  19. If only it was an atoll, because: “Flambino Atoll” just has a certain ring to it.

  20. 8:00 I think that’s a bug, every time I shot at a CV those days and followed the shots, I’ve heard this whistling sound

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