World of Warships – I don’t know what to say after watching this

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You know when something stupid or weird happens and you’re shocked?

How about when 2 stupid or weird things happen?

How about when there’s more stupid or weird things happening than you can believe?

Well…you tell me what to think after watching this.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Like before watching… the speshul way of life

  2. Ardito :use youre radar
    Brussianos: i dont have radar
    Flambass:hahahaha ah….

  3. Playbase is dumber than ever. Lost a rank game where our shima drove around the entire map trying to get behind them. Checked his account.. he had one Tier 10 and that was the shima with 0% and 1 game. Overall stats was avrage dmg 20.000k and aveage pr 300

    • @Jozsef Toth You’re welcome. I just use it to see how I’m doing. Not really interested in pr but I like to improve my dmg numbers so I can be more useful to the team. NB : that does not mean I sit and the back and snipe.

    • Ok. Here is one for you. I played 3 games in ranked in MY Shima last night and every team could not hit the broadside of a barn from the inside. I got so pissed I broke my headphones! (In my defense they were 3 or 4 years old and had seen a lot of use.) F*ck NA server players.

    • so someone plays his fist tier 10 and you exspect them to be good? If your team relied on 1 shima to win then YOU are dogshit.

    • @The Infidel not exactly. A DD has most importance, especially when there is only one and no CV. In a 7 v 7 team setup with no CV, a pro DD vs a noob DD can make the difference. If the other players are equally good, they get in disadvantage as their DD goes down, from where they cannot get back but falling deeper and deeper

    • Probably a PTW WARRIOR

  4. well, at least they’re communicating about it instead of pure blind rage.


    oh im sorry u dont have radar

  6. MyopicAutisticMetal

    Why do I never encounter enemy team’s of that level of useless!?

    • all the games you won, had teams like that ;P

    • Because teams are not randomly allocated; one is usually far stronger than the other. You’re being placed on the weak team. The MM is designed to prefer players who spend money on the game. It becomes a form of validation for the paying customers. #tinfoilbutitistrue

    • If you never met teams like them, maybe you are part of them…

    • @juxtaposeism that’s the whole point … if you play every day and don’t pay, you are “filler material” and put into the fail team. What btw makes your WR plummet like a stone.
      But don’t play for 2 weeks, buy some “weekend prem bundle” (5 bucks) – and be rewarded with 80%WR on a Saturday and a supercontainer with Dunkerque in it (my 1st ship from a container in 4 years!) …

  7. That’s happening when you use free XP for researching. You get to T9 and don’t know what’s going on. LOL

    • No, this happens when you give a shit about knowing anything about the game and just play for pew-pew like these dumb idiots you have in 90% the cases in your matches.

    • @Max Mustermann I think this is the core issue. There is no real incentive to learn the game properly because money and dumb persistence will get you to tier 10 eventually. This is what is causing me to hold off spending any more money on the game. I’m actually interested in improving. Yet when the queue can blap all your efforts with a poor set of players in the rest of your team, is it any wonder people think it isn’t worth the hassle?
      What’s even more sad is WG actually have a fun game at the core of all this but it is being choked when the desire to make bank influencing too many game decisions.

  8. The average skills of playerbase is getting lower and lower.
    We are sealclubbing in T10 nowdays.

  9. Im sure that GK captain looked at how far you were, did a quick calculation and knew that your torps would run out before hitting him 🙂

  10. Welcome to WORLD OF WARSHIPS,the game where everting its possible 😂😂😂😂

  11. The other Neptune was the radar Nep, he had the one kill for torping the DD.

  12. For a moment I also believed that Buffalo has no radar… he fooled me.. :’D

  13. I guess I missed something.

  14. The thinking man’s action game

  15. what never ever stops to amaze me is this :
    when i see realy good players like flambino here and/or other streamers shout out about bad dispersion
    i alway think huhhhh? ,,,,,,,, that salvo is/was just like 85% of my salvo,s in every game i play

    • w09509 Master Rahl

      I only comment when I am 5km and can shoot short/long/fore/aft with 0 shells hitting a broadside ship. (Fuso, Texas, and recently Colorado)

  16. Everybody in Flambass’s team probably were like “Who the hell is Freddy??!!”

  17. This is why I stopped playing. I got tired of my fate being tied to the over abundance of ignorant players that have rushed or bought their way into higher tiers.

  18. I guess if I played hours daily I would find it funnier.

  19. “wait until you are on the other side” was playing ranked last night and every match was a roflstomp. I had 7 wins in a row and quit when I lost because I was certain they had flipped the switch.

  20. Flambas: starts to laugh at their conversation

    Me: W8. Buffalo should have a radar, right? Or am i wrong? :/
    Now i need to check.

    • Manik Samaraweera

      It does. And it has hydro in separate slots. I’m assuming the Iowa somehow got confused, as he probably meant Salem when he said Seattle, as Salem can’t slot radar and hydro in separate slots.

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