World of Warships- I Figured Out Venezia

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  1. This is exactly how I play my Genova except I use a lot of island cover. So I’m assuming this is how you should play the whole line. I still wouldn’t want to be caught out in the open against a Hindenburg in it ?

    • You can still do well against a Hinden with it. I got into a 1v1 against one yesterday and was consistently slapping him for 10k while his HE was only doing about 3-5k. It can bully cruisers quite well.

    • Andrew Attanasio ohh ? were you using AP or SAP? Also do you feel the Hindy would have done better with AP?

    • I was using SAP and throwing it into his superstructure. He tried using AP when I showed more broadside, but by the time it was in the air, I had already angled more against him. It’s possible if I had showed all of my turrets during the fight that AP would have been the choice to go with, but I would cover the rear turrets as soon as I had fired, so he had no choice but to use HE.

  2. I think the whole Italian cruiser line is meh, its just there are to few occasions where they can shine. Most of the time all other cruisers are better on average … SAP is a trap except against DDs but thats it, stick to AP for the rest and aim well but then you can play a RN cruiser with better DPM ….

  3. My thoughts on Italian cruisers is that SAP bake in a reload boost maybe around 7 to 8 seconds and reduce it’s damage and make it a dpm ammo keep AP high alpha and reload keep ammo switch based on AP reload

  4. So a new video and it still hasn’t changed my mind that the Italian Cruisers are junk. Just a historical note semi armor piercing shells we’re also called base fuse high explosive. They didn’t have an armor-piercing cap but they fused longer to get inside. So it would still start fires thank you wargaming for not being able to read

  5. Liecho - I want to sleep

    Y would anyone play Italian when u can play french, they can do what u did but better

    • The Italian cruisers can do impressive damage to a full-health destroyer, almost deleting it if it doesn’t actually devstrike it.
      Plus the exhaust smoke is a great way to disengage immediately provided no one is closer than 9.7km.
      Third, some guys (myself included) are Axis mains who play German, Japanese, and Italian ships almost exclusively.

    • R bilnson, it could be vichie French. Still axis for you. Lol

    • If we’re going to allow puppet states, might as well go with Pan Asian ships too…

  6. Frankly these ships need Hydro from tier 6 and above a faster reload wouldn’t hurt either in my mind

    • Faster reload would make the lack of HE acceptable. But at lower tiers the 20s reloads is ridiculous. For 11 inch Graf Spee guns fair enough. But 203mm…This is a problem when 203mm is at tier 5 like on the EXETER. It has no business at T5.

  7. The entire Italian line is weak. I sold everything off including my premiums will not go back to it.

  8. I think the line gets scout plane, I know the T7 does. Use it, not the fighter. U’ll be able to lob shells into BBs that are camping other caps and slap their sides.

  9. While I don’t find any of the tech tree or premium Italian cruisers to be amazing, I do enjoy playing them and have had decent games and much fun with all of them. I have learned not to over-extend and to play to the ship’s strengths, and have been playing them regularly now. When it comes right down to it, in the current game there are a tiny handful of OP super-ships and the rest have been power-crept into oblivion… so it comes down to liking a ship or a line… or not.

  10. Skidaddle Skidoodle

    This may be my misconception but in pretty sure any form of penetration ie HE pen, AP over pen and pen, sap pen are all considered penetrations and only 50% (with exceptions) can be healed, so regarding if you want ur damage to stick, theres no point in changing to AP.
    In my opinion the AP js so inconsistent i feel its better to just sling SAP, your reload is so long that if u load ap most ships can start angling to you already so yea.

  11. it’s a ship for people who like to collect, that’s about it. it’s only good against DDs and lighter cruisers. the reload times are terrible across the whole line besides the Duca and Abruzzi (the best ships in the Italian category)

  12. The Venezia would be more interesting to me if it had HE. Maybe it would be a good alternative if you had to choose between SAP + smoke or HE minus the smoke. To be honest, I would rather play my Zao.

  13. Let’s be honest, you miss a lot, especially yesterday. That’s refreshing though, as I do too, so watching your videos are more insightful. Super Unicom that hit every shot, don’t really tell me anything about a ship’s strengths and weaknesses. I tend to disagree on your opinion of SAP. It is deadly against DDs, CAs and if given a chance CVs. Just don’t pick an early game fight Against full health battleships, other than the Conqueror Or Thunderer, that is not its strength. The SAP is particularly good against Smolensk. That all being said, haven’t really had any good games in it yet, as it is the new ship on the block, and in every battle so far I seem to be the focal point.

  14. Giving the Venezia another set of torpedo launchers per side would be awesome

  15. 10:59 xD

  16. The video is good, but that was like a cherry picked game. And also a tier 10. I still consider the Italian tree subpar.

    My thought is that they prepared this line last year but politics got between and they released the russian BB line instead.
    (The same thing they did with the British cruiser line vs russian cruiser line – they said they’ve learned a lesson by that but at this point it is pretty obvious that they lied. Again)

  17. I like how the Italian cruisers bring no utility for teamplay and have at best sub-par reload on just about everything. I think the Genova proves that they completely misjudged SAP’s impact on the game and prematurely nerfed most aspects of them.

  18. The Italian CAs are meant to be a reliable damage dealer class in a Class that is already plenty reliable as a damage dealer due to accuracy, reload times, HE damage and Fire chance. It’s point as a line is relatively moot and wargaming seems to have overestimated the impact of SAPs potential as an Alpha strike weapon. The average good salvo of ~10k to a ship is not an alpha strike, cruisers with HE can get close to that damage. If you gave Zao an extra turret I have no doubt it would match the Venezia in Strike Per Strike Damage. When you do a good salvo, a conventional cruiser has probably outbeat your potential damage output with a fire.
    SAP itself is not a bad idea, you can liken it to a progression of the British CL AP. It’s let down by poor DPM, poor ability to deal with angled targets and relatively poor damage per salvo. Instead of buffing the DPM or swapping it to HE, I recommend a buff to the accuracy and dispersion for the whole line. Either on par with or better than the IJN Cruisers dispersion. This will allow for better shot placement at all ranges and award skilled aiming for the vulnerable armor zones. Secondly an increase to shell drag over distance on the SAP. This might sound like a nerf, but a taller trajectory means a better angle of impact over longer ranges allowing SAP to pen instead of ricochet on angled targets. Also has the counterbalancing effect of reducing SAP effectiveness against DDs at mid-range. The lower tiers (2-7) given that the damage of their salvos is nowhere near the capacity of the tier 9 and 10 should get a reload buff to be on par with ships at their tier. This should be paired along with another buff to the SAP pen angles given the armor schemes of ships from tier 3-~7 is not conducive to reliable damage. IF these changes to SAP still aren’t enough, I would consider a further buff to SAPs autobounce angles or extra damage.
    Honestly I think the accuracy buff and a slight drag increase would be enough to make the Tier 8-10 on par with all the other ships. It’s just WG design decision for them puts too much unwarranted emphasis on a currently unreliable and also frankly unimpressive damage strike. An accuracy buff to allow for tighter shot groups onto superstructure, deck armor and bow/stern and a taller trajectory allowing for better angles of impact for SAP on an angled target at mid-long range. I would try to avoid touching the DPM or high tiers normalization and autobounce angles further because the fuel smoke already makes a really potent target rush that could frankly become broken if the ship gets more offensive options at close range.

  19. Too much HE addiction for players. Those who never adapt of mastering Italy ships are sour salters.

  20. I would love to have seen a secondary Heavy Italian Cruiser viable build. WoWs has become so unimaginary and stale, instead we’re getting a slow power creep.

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