World of Warships- I Finally Got This Insane & Goofy Ship

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Hello guys, today I finally picked up the Tier X American Freemium Light Cruiser Austin! Which is one down right goofy ship! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. The true glass-cannon among light cruisers

  2. This ship can spit out more firepower than half of Texas with just the burst.

  3. Ah, yes. Perfect light cruiser.

  4. lets be real this video would not be possible without a personal smoke following you around in div all game 😀

  5. Sounds a lot like the Schors, but T10, plus she gets those gimmicks. Can you imagine Schors with the same gimmicks?

  6. I prefer Range-mod over Reload, the range is just slightly too little to where you will actively see good targets just out of reach, but also that you need smoke with such range or else you get demolished by return fire unless you have overwhelming team advantage. And I feel the high velocity and slow reload lend themselves to range gameplay far better.

    While Jinan can shoot over islands better with the inexplicably worse shell drag, spam torpedoes, and provide it’s own smoke. In exchange for 1 of the rear turrets being removed for AA.

  7. nice video about my most favorite ship in the game. It was my first steel ship and it was so much worth it. Im in the top 50 best austin player leaderboard and the funny thing is everybody can have this feeling of being good cause nobody plays this ship XD. Fun indeed but i wouldve talked about the sepcial commander skill for HE/SAP 10% more dmg without drawbacks cause your guns are to small. And yeah what can i say: you play like a god but one wrong turn and youre game over. and she has the ebst AA in the game. I litterally laugh at tX Aircraftcarries with this thing (except Super ones). So my recommendation for this ship is a commitment: hard to learn and hard to master but the reward for playing well with positioning are 200k games with ease. Happy sailing all

  8. i’d love to get Austin but grinding steel is absolute pain

    • Took me literal years to get my first steel ship (Stalin) and it was a heck of a grind. Just play ranked on occasion and save your coupon for a steel ship and you’ll get one eventually!

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      I am decidedly AVERAGE player and it takes me about a year at a time to get a steel ship. ALWAYS use the resource coupon on steel ships. Play your daily missions, play ranked and join a clan to play clans (and for the resource bonus).

    • @Ashleigh Elizabeth damn, but i hope it’s worth it

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      @Aquastorm72 it is. I don’t think there are any truly garbage steel ships, but some are better than other. Bourgogne is money, Austin is challenging but fun. Everybody and their brother says Stalingrad is still awesome. Everybody hates playing against FDR. Good quality premiums you can grind for are always worth it in my book.

  9. Close to get the asian variant Jinan, dont like that style enough to spend steel on it.

  10. This is the first Steel ship I bought as well and I agree, the reload booster is the funny button. First couple of play throughs I Could not stop giggling. I got smoked a couple of times but all worth it to watch ships just get wrecked when you lay into them with the SAP.

  11. One thing I need to add. Now you need to be EXTREMELY cautious when playing light cruisers right now… ESPECIALLY if you are behind the mountain or so. I am talking about Malta [ CV ] players ^^ today I had 8 cits on two drops so you now need to be aware of that , I think nowdays if Malta player will focus you… You’re dead…

  12. sometimes i feel that He getting way to strong in this game , Ap feels so gimped nowadays with overpens

  13. As someone with 800+ games in Atlanta, i get the appeal of Austin, but Colbert, even jinan, does everything it does, but better. Colbert having a rediculous reload time, and jinan having smoke. Only reasons I am hesitant to get it. If it had its own smoke, I’d get it, but I’d be too powerful. So I get the decision not to give it that.

  14. I’ve been really conflicted on Austin vs Incomparable recently, what would you all recommend? I’ve already got Stalin and Ragnar

    • If it were me I’d probably get the incomparable just because of the devstrike potential. But then again, that reload booster is a psychological weapon.

    • @Demian see, that’s my exact issue! I love battleships and CLs, so I really don’t know which would be worth my time. I know neither are great for comp, but I’m here for some fun boats

    • Bourgogne.

    • @Ryan Brochu Yes, if you don’t have a steel ship, get Bourgogne first.

    • Honestly, although you haven’t mentioned it, get the Bourgogne. It is so much fun to play and you can easily rack up a ton of damage. She is quite squishy and her guns are pretty small, but she makes up for that with a decent number of then with a relatively fast reload and of course, the reload booster, which is incredible and makes her a huge threat. Her good concealment and her high speed means that she can easily get onto the flanks of enemy ships and then blast their broadsides easily. Many people recommend her as the first steel ship so just get her asap. She is better than both incomparable and Austin.

  15. As someone who mains the ship and has unicum stats in it, the beginning learning phase of this ship is gruesome but once you learn to angle to certain ships, watch for long range shots from anyone, and go broadside to bbs within 8k to 10, it becomes a menace

  16. personally the austin was my first steel ship and i have halsey on it with a full dpm build lets just say things get crazy sometimes expecially if you get confid

  17. I love this ship. It is situational, but landing shells is easier then in the Jinan. The other thing is it will eat the odd citadel hit, but survives and the heal is surprisingly really big and effective. If spotted everyone with in range will fire at you, but are extremely cautious cause it will melt anything that gets caught in that insane reload booster!

  18. Great video. Nice showcase of the ship. Little too niche for me but I could see it being fun at times!

  19. Ashleigh Elizabeth

    God help the DD or light cruiser that blunders into your path when you have a reload booster ready to pop. It’s definitely a giggle inducing moment.

  20. This is objectively one of the worst tier 10 cruisers, because its made of paper and super reliant on its gimmick. When you don’t have reload booster ready, you just cant do anything.

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