World of Warships- I Finally Have The Most OP Ship In The Game, But Is She Really THAT OP?

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Hey guys! I have officially used the rest of my RNG for the remainder of the year and received the Giulio Cesare in a Supercontainer during WG’s 7th anniversary! Today we take a look at here and try to answer the question: Is she really THAT Overpowered?

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

0:00 Ship History & Stats
9:12 Live Gameplay
24:06 Is She THAT OP?


  1. le pas très gentil

    I never got a ship in a single super container in 5 years of playing this game and you tell me SLM pulls up here getting GC and Nikolai out of the blue like this

    • it runs against having your credit card attached to your account and how much dubs your shelling out for over time, I have 2 accounts a beta F2p and never got a thing on it, people talked about ooh i got this and that free, i was like really i have never got a thing, so i opened a second account and tied my CreditC to it, i got a free ship out of my first SC and since then its out stripped my original account by a scary amount for SC with ships and dubs, promotions where there are top ships Massachu, i got for 1000 dubs got Rochester free , de grasse free, kaga 888 dubs , and many more to list here, these are dubs that i saved from the play every day calendar or dropped from SC , so not bought dubs but just because i have a CC attached they try to bribe me with lots of trials ships to entice me to spend, and still my original f2p acct is dumped on, flags and low grade consumables. Account profiling at the utmost .

    • I got Florida from the super container after some months of playing
      And I got cossack yesterday after buying 2 industry containers

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      @MartinVidenov this

    • I don’t have many tier 10 and 11 ships, so I can’t say that I got a lot of supercontainers. No ships. But I did score enough dubs for an Arizona.

    • I’ve gotten 1 ship out of a super container since the game launched. It’s just the luck of getting that .1% drop chance

  2. The thing about GC. She handles like a cruiser and smacks with her main guns like a proper BB. Basically she is super fun to play.

  3. you can get ships from super containers? I thought it was only useless flags, at least that’s what I have only gotten in my hundreds of containers

    • I’ve pulled several ships from super containers. I wouldn’t call anything I’ve gotten from one absolutely amazing but a free ship is a free ship. My favorite super container ship has to be Texas but that’s mostly because I’ve seen her in person. The best super container ship I’ve gotten…… I dunno Arizona I guess? Never pulled anything better than a tier 7 out of a SC and I haven’t pulled one yet this year so I guess last year was so good to me in that respect that I must have used up all the RNG I was going to get. This years containers have been mostly flags or camo with the occasional 1000 doubloons or coal SC.

    • @Devon Ellis me as well. One I’ve never heard of.

    • @RC Cola yeah, in three years of playing I have gotten two ships from super containers , that one and Florida…

    • @Jock1092 Jock 1.5% chance. 1.25% chance for a Tier V-VII, 0.2% for a Tier VIII or IX and 0.05% for a Tier X or Rare ship. Guilio Cesare is a Rare ship. That said, if you have all of the Tier V-IX ships already then you have a 1.5$ chance at a Tier X or Rare ship. I don’t advocate whaling your way to that position.

    • You get flags? I only get camos

  4. She’s not insane these days, but I’d say she is easily the most solid all around BB at T5 to this day. No special gimmicks (besides the front armor beak/plate), just nothing bad about her or a real downside compared to the competition.

  5. GC is not blatantly OP in any specific department. It’s the COMBINATION of all goodies that make her super strong, even when uptiered.
    – concealment? Check
    – speed and agility? Check
    – accurate guns? Check
    – fast turret traverse? Check
    – decent AP pen? Check
    – great HE with British improved pen and high fire chances? Check
    – relatively decent AA? Check

    It’s funny that the only thing she sucks at is ASW, but that’s because WG intentionally gave her garbage range and a single drop, in a pathetic attempt to artificially make her weak in at least one thing. Spoiler: they failed, GC is great even against subs

  6. I would love to have seen a reaction video of you getting her! Congrats.

  7. Dang thats awesome last night I opened a supercontainer and got the Smaland I’m already enjoying it

  8. Fun fact: Giulio Cesare and Cavor are of the same ship class. Cavor being the non-modernized version

    • Correct. Ceaser was built in 1912. In the 1930’s she was gutted with only 30% of her original hull remained, she was entirely rebuilt and modernized.

  9. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Check out Greifer’s podcast where you can hear my reaction to getting this ship, along with us discussing the Anniversary event, submarines, and more!—WG-Anniversary–Submarines-and-Roadmap-with-impromptu-guest-Sea-Lord-Mountbatten-e1o0le7

  10. Ive played a ton of GC games, it seems to me at some point WG stealth nerfed her guns because they used to seem to be more accurate when it was first released.

  11. The reason for the beak armor is that when she was upgraded they lengthened her by welding a new bow over her old one without removing the old armor.

  12. The GC will always be OP. It’s guns are unmatchable at T5. You absolutely murder cruisers. You don’t have the pen to cit BB’s at even medium ranges, but you can always chunk them for decent damage. It has no armour but it’s amazing speed and maneuverability make up for that. Basically play her like a low tier battlecruiser and you’ll probably win lol

  13. The ONLY Italian Ship I wanted when I started Playing the Italians, but not because I’d heard it was OP, but because I was New to the Game and wanted a Tier 5 BB… Since I was doing the Italians, it Fit the Bill, the Roma wasn’t even a Consideration because it was a Tier 8 and I was Nowhere NEAR Tier 8 yet… They Pulled it before I started, so, it was NEVER gonna be an Option for me and Roma was my Only Choice…

    Now, I LOVE my Roma, never gonna Regret that Buy, BUT, the Jump to Tier 8 when you’re JUST Getting into the Battleships and at Tier’s 3 and 4 in the Bulk of your Port it’s NOT the Wisest Choice… Two Xmas’s later and STILL don’t have it, so I’m NOT expecting to ever see it in the Port… All my Containers are Dropping are 30 Days so far and 100 Count Economic Bonuses and I’m getting Thin on Tier 10’s in the Port… So, still waiting… lol

  14. LightningwingDragon

    She was my first premium ship, all those years ago. Still a top fav!

  15. Love the ship, it’s fun to play,

  16. Crucible Custom Flooring

    I love her with a passion. I’ve done insane things with her lol. The stealth build is crazy.

  17. I remember when she wasn’t even released yet. Me and my friend were on enemy team and saw weird Giulio Cesare. We were T7 cruisers. Yorck and Schors. We came across GC alone. Two T7’s against unknown T5 BB… We got wrecked so hard. I got double citadelled and deleted from one salvo from bow like nobody’s business. 9 days later, GC came for sale, I bought her immediately. She is much stronger than T6 soviet version of her imho.

  18. I’ve had it for years, can’t remember how I obtained it. Spending a shotload of money I guess. I’m an average player and yeah this ship is strong af.

  19. You undersell her concealment. It is exceptionally good for a Tier V BB.

  20. Though the great thing of the GC is that she uptiers very well.

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