World of Warships- I Finally Picked Up This Insanely Good Premium Ship

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Hey guys, today I Finally got around to picking up and playing the TIX Premium USN DD Black! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Tumultous Crucio

    She was my first steel ship back in the days when there was only her and Stalingrad. She’s a good cap contester

  2. Shannon Courtney

    Bought her for steel way back. Been my ranked go to for tier 9 ever since.

  3. Marcus Jones Stinks

    Ran into a black/groningen duo in ranked last season. Yes we weren’t getting caps since they knew how to hunt together.

  4. And back in the day you had to suffer through ranked season after season to get the Flint and the black. Fun chips

  5. I waited and saved all my coal for two years specifically for getting this ship and she’s been well worth it. I bought her via coupon for coal at the very end of last season of ranked. The result: six battles, five wins to close out my ranked season. One thing I did was to have a DD or cruiser teammate with me into the cap, I wait to get to get spotted by the DD, they panic smoke up in front of me, I radar them only for them to run away or get deleted by me or the team. Whenever I am a USS Black, do enemy DDs realize that that I have radar? I mean they often smoke up in front of me only to get radar’d the second they do smoke up. Black is well worth getting, specially for competitive.

    • Well players seeing a black on the team knows that it can equip radar and can predict you have it, but they will not know your specific loadout that match until you use it on them. They also do not know which side of the map you spawned on, so they do not know if they have to deal with a Black on their flank/cap

    • Also, Black hasn’t been so popular in Randoms up until they reintroduced it in the armory, she wasn’t sold for a long time. It’s normal that newer players never seen the Balck before, so they don’t know what consumables it has

    • @sdluke It works well in Ranked, where cap control is pretty important

  6. Jokes on you I just bought the tiger 59😌😌…oh wait…I’m not totally disappointed with it tho, the AA’s really good and I’ve managed to top the leaderboard a couple times – even with only 60K dmg lol

  7. All Fletcher Class DD’s came with both surface and air radar from the get-go.

    All Fletchers in game should as well.

    • that would be ridiculous… any ships had radar/torpedoes, that do not have it in game. You might as well just give every DD radar then

    • …and hydro and radar should be line of sight, but they aren’t. And subs should only go 9 knots under water… but they don’t. And CV’s should burn and be permanently D-planed…… but they don’t. And planes and ships shouldn’t team spot…but they do. All DD’s should be able to hydro subs… but they can’t. All DD’s and CV’s should be a strong counter to subs… but only non premium BB’s and a hand full of air supported cruisers are, instead….

    • So did other destroyers even the Japanese ones which is typically used Type 21 surface search and Type 13 air search radar and not a single IJN DD has hydro or radar because that is not how it work in the game …

    • @Rene Garcia well no most cv’s except Japan had the best fire conrl systems of any fleet they’d be the least likely to catch fire and if they did it’d be put out very quickly and on the other half if you want them to only carry they’re real life amount then they’d have well over 100 planes with no cool down and multiple flights at any given time.

  8. The part where he bullied the 💩 out of that particular Sherman with the music absolutely sent me.
    Sadly I’m about dog at dd’s so this looks like a fun ship but it probably needs a better driver than me.

  9. Yes Black is good. But! but… it’s not OP like so many players think it is… maybe not their fault since it’s rep was built up by it’s scarcity and absence from the armory.
    Black works best in a division or a team that works together (I know …so rare these days). As ranked solo carry kind of ship, something like a Kita or Friesland is more suited to that kind of role. The best carry DDs have great guns so that is reliable damage where as torpedos often require luck combined with skill or at least potatoes on the other side. This is even more true from Black’s 42 knots sea mines that hit hard but usually only once they have been launched 3 games before and forgotten about by everybody.
    As for the guns, the DPM is adequate, but those where’s the parachute firing arcs really get in the way of dealing significant damage to larger ships. While Friesland with it’s pyromaniacal tendencies and Kitakaze with its “yeah that makes sense” 30mm pen, large ships will seek cover, but Black has neither since it’s 26mm pen even with IFHE makes it a worse skill, and its 5% fire chance requires first born offerings to the RNGesus collection plate to get a perma fire.
    In short, Black is fun for it’s “I see you but you don’t see me” party trick but past that it’s a Fletcher with luck based torps that it’s DD gunboat license expired 4 years ago. That said, it’s a hell of a party trick AND if your team can take advantage of it, it can often make sure you are on the right side of steamroll that is WOWS in 2022….

  10. WhiskyTango Foxtrot

    She’s worth the coal, but is she also worth a little bit of steel? I ended up spending some steel on the F. Sherman and ended up not regretting that one bit.

    • AverageArtemisEnjoyer

      would get more value out of steel if u can managed to control urself and save up to buy it completely for coal

  11. Not really a fan of US DD especially those with 127 mm gun with low velocity. The only one i really like is the F.Sherman because for some reason the shell trajectory is very flat for a small caliber gun.

    • 5″/54 vice 5″/38

    • le pas très gentil

      What mr Andrew means is that Sherman (and Austin) guns have flat trajectories because the barrel is a lot longer
      Caliber has nothing to do with the arcs in this game, for example Goliath has 234mm guns yet it has a lot of air drag, each nation have their own shell velocity type and the Americans have the orbital ones

    • @le pas très gentil exactly

    • @le pas très gentil
      I don’t believe lenght of the gun barrel determine whether the shell has flat or high arc of trajectory at least in this game.
      If the speed of the shell determines the shell arc then why the IJN Type 98 100 mm gun which has 1000 m/s of shell velocity due to its very long gun barrel and possibly the fastest shell of any naval gun in the game and yet has higher arc than the 5″/54 caliber Mark 42 gun which only has 808 m/s of shell velocity ?

      The only explanation is the difference in the shell mass.
      In this case the F.Sherman gun has a shell weights 32 kg which is heavier than the 5-inch/38-caliber gun by 7 kg and about 14 kg heavier than the shell of 100 mm BUT then if we compare to something heavier like 8-inch/55-caliber gun or the 203 mm gun found on Des Moines which obviously has even longer barrel than those of 127 mm gun and faster shell velocity by about 15 m/s and shell that weights more by 86 kg and yet the 203 mm gun has very similar arc as the 127 mm gun on F.sherman actually it is even slightly worse as the 203 mm gun has a flight time of 7.5 s where the 127 mm gun flight time is 7.4 s.

      So yeah there is not really any sensible explanation to how the mechanics work in this game but then again, most of things don’t make sense in this game anyway…

  12. Damn you made that look easy. Thanks for the review SL

  13. Her torpedoes are actually really exceptional with the only problem being their speed is awful. Anything with hydro ought to not struggle to dodge them (That being said I’ve seen people spot them with hydro and literally turn into them massively overestimating their speed.) Other than that they hit really hard and they got excellent range, quite stealthy to but the reaction time to them is the exact same as Hallands. Frequently just throwing them out you end up hitting things you don’t expect. 3 years later.

  14. Picked her up last night funnily enough. Had done the campaign mission so had the 12 point Capt to with her and also got the camo too. Cost is 222,000 with coupon btw.

  15. Just wondering about the present meta, which is really the better use of coal, Black or Sherman (the latter being 60K less coal)?

  16. I’ll try pick her up in Xmas crates same as most of my other ships, I try to max out each year.

  17. Thank you for the good honest feedback. I have 496,000 coal and nothing to pick from. I am a cruiser run and gun player so I never looked at her. I really enjoy your player friendly environment and commentary. Will pick her up in the AM

  18. I’ve had the Black since it was a ranked reward in the old format, and while DD is my favourite class, I never really loved playing her. Obviously the radar-smoke is a strong DD brawl/contesting tool, but that is really the major upside. Often it can make her feel like a one trick pony. The torps are somewhat unreliable due being really slow (like mentioned, can result in low damage numbers). If facing a good DD player, they can minimize the efficiency of your radar, just something to have in mind. Great for ranked if you just grinding stars though

  19. I wouldn’t call a coal ship “free” it’s taking me exceedingly long to try and save that much coal.. for those of us who don’t live on wows for our jobs…

  20. Hey y’all, just started playing the game again since playing in the closed beta. What’s the best premiums to pick up right now or in the future? Preferably a BB as that’s what I’m enjoying the most.

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