World of Warships- I Got Blackmailed

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Not really sure whats up with this guy, but it is an interesting situation and I felt like I needed to get this out there before something showed up on the forums.

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  1. You cant compensate for his poor parenting by letting his underage child play an inappropriate game. You are the professional and handling it correctly. The forums will shut him down regardless as he hasnt fronted any screenshots.
    Really enjoying your channel Thanks

    • Not to mention the fact that posting the screenshots in a way that will actually allow a potential ban to take place (i.e. with account names) is a violation of the TOS and will result in at least a strike against his own account if not potentially a ban himself. And then of course there’s the fact that his account will likely get banned anyway since it’s a violation of the TOS to have an account if you’re below a certain age that the child definitely seems like he is.

  2. Can you imagine how this conversation would have gone if the kid was dealing with Flamu?
    I would have gifted 2 or 3 subs on Twitch to see that one.

  3. I see more strong language in the average game lol

  4. barthélémy Menard

    u can tell dad Karen that naming and shaming is prohibited in any affiliated wargaming forum XD
    and if he does that he will get ban for this behavior. Also if wargaming find out this player is under aged they can ban the account forever
    u can also submit a ticket because the behavior of the dad is bannable by wargaming

  5. nah just let em post it into the forum, let him embarrass himself, just explain it into the thread about what happened, and let the forum “guys” deal with it

  6. My opinion is that you should send a new message explaining that since you have received no more communication or evidence from him, you will take no further action as Jim has already been punished according to WG’s rules. I would remind him that the game is indeed rated T and because of that similar incidents is more than likely to happen, and in those cases the rules will be enforced.

  7. I don’t know… child sounds like an entitled privileged shitbag that doesn’t deserve an apology, and parent … ahem “parent” sounds like an eight year old child

  8. I got roasted by a guy once for something I can’t remember. I know I got killed pretty early, probably my fault. Anyways this guy went off. Total loon. He was a leader in another clan. I just advised him to maybe up his medication a tad. That was not received warmly. ?. I know that my karma went down a lot that match.

  9. You don’t even really know it was a kid? He’s probably just making that up.

  10. I’ve heard worse language from my own history teacher.

    • Chris Chan same here, but he was an ex army medic and one of the best teachers in the school.

    • Go to New Zealand, I lived there for 58 years, every SECOND word a Kiwi utters is a swear word… want a quick education on ALL the swear words… go to New Zealand. They have an insult as a compliment… example…. “Sea Lord Mountbatten is a good bastard” ….. seriously, that is a compliment of the highest order. I have curbed my bad language these days, for example… to this kid… I would have said “My condolences to your Unmarried mother being stuck with you, tell me, has she found out who your father is yet, or is it still listed on your birth certificate as “the entire U.S. Marine Corp?” …. he didn’t like it, then he should stop playing.

  11. well when i was that young my dad would have told me to man up. but we didn’t get trophies for last place back then either.

  12. Instead of forum condemning you, he will be a laughing stock

  13. Offer the dad to get himself a vasectomy with a rust fork.

  14. Dont give him the time of day most players are going to laugh that shitbag off the internet. This dad is exactly the kind of trash that created the victim culture that we see today.

  15. This is not even a thing or an issue or whatever, this is an ordinary day in this game..

  16. If this wasn’t a troll then that “dad” is gonna get a rude awakening when he actually tries to do something. I don’t want to be definite without seeing the screen shots but if what Jim said is accurate I’ve said worse and been called worse in games. You know what I did let it roll off my back and moved on!

  17. stop being so disrespectful to female dogs. 😛

  18. Let the dad know that account sharing is prohibited and a banable offence.

  19. Shoulda told him “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”.

  20. There’s no kid or dad involved. This is just a dude playing a old adult scare tactic.

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