World of warships – I have a bad feeling about this

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Sometimes you have a feeling that something is about to go wrong, sideways.


  1. I don’t follow u on twitch…i mean i work when u stream ! But why u leave Omni

    • he doesnt like talking about it. they purged most of their streamers as they dedicated a major part of their wows time to streaming (OMNI is a massive clan in terms of quality so you need to commit a lot of time to it, which not many streamers could do) Flambass however was one of the founding members of OMNI if im not wrong. or at least was present at the very beginning so not sure why they would kick him as well. There was a lot of drama. he doesnt like talking about it so we’re not supposed to bring it up 🙂

    • Andrei Mihai they dropped Flamu as well. Tbh worked out for the best. CB streams were getting boring and now we don’t have the OMNI throwing all the toys out the pram drama when they don’t do well.

      Just to mention, when you have time the VOD’s on Twitch are well worth a look. The highlights on here are great but a lot of laughs don’t make it onto here 🙂

  2. Marco Hornbostel

    That greedy Gearing…*facepalm* 😀

  3. Z-52 is the true legend of this game

  4. “I have a bad feeling about this” so Hansis related to Hansolo then : )

  5. Nathan Hartanto

    “I have a bad feeling” CLICKBAIT!

  6. Using guns on Asashio is hilarious. You can almost see the look of “What the feck is this?! This guys shooting stuff at me! Why am I burning?! This is not meant to be how it goes. I do shoot shoot, not Asashio!” on enemy DD’s face :p

  7. Great win there Flambass. Where are you located? The reason I ask is its early morning US East Coast and you already have a game up. Maybe you’re a morning guy. Love the commentary, lol.

    • Flambass That wont help him…. he has a US education so we should be happy if he can point out were he lives on a map …. 😎 Like 3 out of 10 in college cant point out US if they have a worldmap in front of them …

    • Michael Mitchell

      Croatia is former YugoSlavia Republic. I was born in Europe but have US Education. LOL

    • True… and most Europeans can’t locate Milwaukee on a map.

  8. You had a bad feeling eh 😁 quick advise please have enough to either buy a Monarch or few more games and get the Neptune which would you go for?

  9. Nice game, if only they all went this well in ranked!

  10. “it feels good to be wrong” LOL

  11. Gustavo Escobar

    Flambass: With a Premium account you can grind 100k XP in a couple of days
    Me grinding Grozovoi in a single day: I have serious problems 🙁

    • Consult a doctor and abandon gaming for the next 12 months.
      Then you might start gaming again with non-addictive games like Tetris.

      Alternatively you can try to master self-discipline.

      Second alternative: Get a girlfriend and share your flat with her and suddenly you wont have any time for WoWS anymore at all.

      Thank me later.

  12. Madcap Magician

    There seemed to be pretty good communication within the team, which is nice

  13. But zu you hev yor paiperz?

  14. You should get bad feelings more often lol

  15. John Chucky Tomlinson

    Flambass you’re CRAZY!! no you didn’t go back in the day with “Eurythmics” you are to young to even remember that song.. GG….🚢

  16. Flambass. You 🤣 up
    I watch you to learn how to read a map and players. So far I am amazed at your style 👍

  17. Des got Torpebroed…

  18. Bugger this was something new for me but saw on twitch, but sometimes good to be wrong.

  19. why dosnt he have smoke?

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