World of Warships: I Have Faith In My Teammates

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I was doing the last Duke York missions in . I had faith in my teammates. I’m joined by and .

footage of the tier 10 Soviet .


  1. His voice sounds so cute some times :3

  2. Musanix - World of Warships

    *read the title of the video*
    You should not Aerroon !

  3. teamkilling?? what did you do?? shoot a loudmouth teammate or accidental torp damage??

    • I was doing this same mission. My friendly bot Gearing was fighting an enemy destroyer and it seemed as though the enemy destroyer was about to ram the Gearing. It was the last destroyer left, and I needed to get that kill. The Gearing was already low HP, so I fired a shot on my friendly bot Gearing to sink it, so the enemy DD can’t ram her.
      I actually ended up sinking the destroyer in that game, but we ended up losing the Co-op match, because my bot Kurfürst was capping instead of fighting.

    • Bot Kurfurst thought it was a DD? Identity crisis I’d say.

      And why would you turn pink for killing a bot??? why WG???

  4. Maybe you should play coop more often, but i’m not sure if I would with this kind of MM.
    Over here in Asia, around peak hour (7pm my time or so, when there are 10k players online) t10 usually has, maybe 2-5 players. The thing is getting all the players into the same game since the queue time is only 30 seconds.
    Lately because of the roma and musashi and yamato and harekaze the mm has been quite bloated, 5x harekaze on one team, 4x yamato are not uncommon. It has faded a bit though.

    The commentary is a bit cringey, coming from a player with like 7k coop battles, but what can I say.
    It’s a bit of a shame that you can’t set up bot vs bot battles anymore, stupid weegee. It used to be very entertaining.

    • I completely agree about the bot vs bot battles. It’s such a shame!
      Also, that’s incredible that there are so many players in coop matches though. Personally, it didn’t really matter whether I had real players or not as my teammates.

    • Oh no, no wonder the quality of the player pool lately has been horrible. All the good players are playing coop ^_^;;

    • I doubt so. Besides it might vary from server to server, and it sure varies depending on the time (and day. Weekends have more people as you would expect).
      For asia, it’s pretty much impossible to queue t7 or lower without at least 1 human player, even at 5am or some other forsaken timing. Even T10, just this morning I dragged a harekaze into my game at around 6am. Of course “many players” is subjective. In general, t7, t8 below almost always gets 8x human players at any reasonable timing. T8 occasionally gets dragged into T10, but from experience usually the mm will throw the players into 6-8 and 9-10.
      Lately because of the MM change I’ve been seeing a lot of 7 humans + bot t8 cv, so I think the patch might have changed the MM priority. Possibly. Also default mm appears to be, 1 CV, 2BB, 3CA, 2DD. Which is quite interesting if you ask me.

    • Also…let’s just say that the bot BBs have insanely good aim. Of course, whether or not they are aiming for the correct spot (or the inverse) is debatable. I’ve been triple citadeled through the bow in my saint louis before when I tried to rush a grounded izumo (then again what can I say)
      The bot ai is generally predictable but some maps are notorious for causing irregular behavior (cough Two Brothers Rush Mid cough North Rush D cough)
      I’m still not entirely figured out on the bots…but to my knowledge, they don’t run any captain skills (dds without last stand, literally sitting ducks), but from what I can tell, they do (or at least the t8+ dds) run the concealment mod(?)
      I’m repeating myself, but the bots are aiming gods, they can and will hit you with US DD guns from 14km, hit your khab from any distance, and devstrike you from full hp through the bow from 23km. Oh, and they also torpedobeat insanely well (well…I roughly estimate about 50% of the time they dodge all torps. Maybe)

    • Last comment for now. Usually when *I* lose a coop battle, it’s almost always because the team has 7 (or a lot) of bots, and they all decided to throw. Occasionally it can be blamed on a detonation, but that’s a separate issue.
      From my general experience, teams tend to throw when (1) Too many dds that get slaughtered early on resulting in a steamroll
      (2): Too many RNCLs, especially neptune and minotaur. Any cruiser could work but glass cannons tend to cause the most steamrolls as they are the most volatile (3): Too many BBs. The more BBs, the higher the chance the human bbs will misplay and get crossfired and raeped by the bots. Just earlier today I had to kill 2 T10 bbs by myself because my team was useless (albeit, my team bbs were bots too), but the point still stands.
      Generally speaking losses only occur around T8+. I do have some losses in my scharnhorst though, figures.
      What happened a few times was, entire enemy team of BBs lemming trains around two brothers and my team decides to feed one by one.

  5. Don’t know why i read the title as ” I have faith in my Fetishes” Either way good for you Aerroon…

  6. I did it the same way but not with tier 10 man is to expensive

  7. Taihou did the missions really easily (or haku)

  8. to do the DD on DD dmg mission and the DD spotting i just got a close combat DD and hunted DDs. i did that in randoms with my Z-46 using mostly AP and it worked well for that. T7 pan asian worked well too as well as akizuki. u just rush in caps and engage DDs asap.

  9. Looks like you bot 3 is more intelligent than Flamu’s bot 3.

  10. Did Aerroon just say “I trust in m team”? He’s probably delirious or has a fever.

  11. CO OP aren’t bad but WG insist of keep that mode low in gained exp and money compare to other modes also 90% of missions and campaign can’t be completed in CO OP .. pity

  12. I also detonated while doing that mission in my Sims..

  13. TFW bots are better players than most players in the game…

  14. Christopher Mavromatis

    better than the majority of random players

  15. :Bots: wins games?!

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