World of Warships- I Have Finally Acquired This Godly Battleship

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Hello guys, today we finally have the TX Freemium French Battleship Bourgogne in port to review today!


Have a replay?

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  1. There is one battleship I hate fighting the most, and this one is it

  2. Bourgogne is the Alsase’s Giga Chad sister ship, crewed by burly testosterone filled Frenchmen, which run a uber fast baguette factory in her turrets.

  3. There we go! My favourite BB in the game. She is so good, so fun and unique.
    About secondaries: Bourgogne doesn’t have Alsace secondaries but uses Republique 128mm instead, which means you can actually pen stuff, and they are very accurate with long range. DDs will not try to get close to this thing if they can help it. Obviously building secondaries is not a great idea, but it’s viable.

    • Secondary build on bourg is not viable unless you really love losing. If you try to utilize the secondaries in a real battle situation you will die trying.

    • @Alexandre Maximov Bourgogne has pre-nerfed Alsace secondary dispersion, which used to be very good. And a lot of strange stuff happens in this game about secondary dispersion. You seem to believe “secondary ships have the best secondary dispersion” which on paper would be correct, but… do you know which ship has the best secondary accuracy IN THE GAME? Pensacola.

    • Alexandre Maximov

      @Stefano Crosazzo I’m aware there are outliers. Just didn’t know about Bourgogne being a special case. First time I’m hearing it. Will have to check some charts and test in game. It sounds fun to run if true.

      And Pensacola actually gets beaten by GZ and Arkansas when it comes to mid/long range dispersion but it does have the edge in close range interestingly.

    • @Manticore2026 okay, but thats really not what Bourgogne is good at 😀

  4. Was my first of two Steel ships, got Ragnar later. With Ohio the BB i spend more time on.

  5. Although I didn’t play it often, I loved playing Bourgogne as soon as I was able to afford it. Ohio fit my style a lot better though.

  6. This IS AWESOME – I been waiting for you to get this ship – THE SEAS ARE NOT SAFE! Hahhaha! I am finally getting the FDR so I am happy YOU got this ship – I cant believe you havent been in it! Its my favorite BB – I got the Jean Bart when it came out and I wanted this ship ever since – I got it about a year ago its great! Good Luck with it!

  7. Absolutely the best ship. My first love was the petro and this is just the battleship version of it. Get it a year ago and was told by just about everyone you will hate it lol please keep this a secret other than an Ohio I can blast about anything out of the water but you do have to move in not from range

  8. Bourgogne was my first steel ship. I really love her. The accuracy and the reload booster are a delight. She and Jean Bart spoiled me so that Alsace was a serious chore to grind through.

    • I got incomparable as my first steel ship and I regret not buying bourguignon instead, jean Bart is my most played ship, I average 125k in hundreds of game, I can’t imagine bourguignon ;(

  9. This is my only steel ship at the moment and my god do I love this ship!

  10. Someone asks “is this the real Sea Lord”… SLM then appears to respond “No” because he didn’t see the question correctly. 🙂

  11. Just subscribed.
    My first steel ship was the Stalin. Was deterred when the German CVs were OP at the time. Regret not getting the Bourgogne. The French BBs was the only BB line I actually enjoyed regrinding aside the American Lights.

  12. This is going to be my first steel ship soon, ive heard so many good things about it!

  13. Geoffrey Zimmerman

    How the reload boost works IRL:
    The captain of the ships shouts into the coms leading to the main battery crew and says:
    “On va boire du vin ce soire!! Et du fromage!!!!”
    (we will be drinking wine tonight! and cheese!)
    Then the people in the main battery just get a flat x2 haste buff.

  14. Bourgogne is a pita to play against, it’s a fast HE spammer for the most part, but it can get down the side of people quickly for some AP. I don’t know why patch week would change your win rate. If more less skilled players are in the game, they’d be on both teams.

  15. Bourgogne picked this ship for my second steel ship with a 25% coupon. The Bourgogne is the best all around BB in the game.

  16. Hey Sealord, what’s your captain and build? I’m going with a standard survivability build with Engine Boost enhanced duration in slot 2 and Propulsion mod in slot 4 for those sweet, sweet WASD hacks. Also, I use one of the Honroe’s for the enhanced Grease the Gears and AR.

  17. You know what the absolutely unbalanced game needs more of, unicum players getting more BS OP ships that no normal player can get. THAT is what the game needs.

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