World of Warships- I Have NEVER Seen This Before…

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Here we are yet again with a Salem, but the ending this time is most unusual, enjoy!

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Music: GET AWAY by tubebackr is licensed under a Creative Commons License.…

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. Glad on Sleepless nights I can count on a video upload 😀

  2. He also has the Hololive Commander (Amelia Watson) o7

  3. The difference about French bias is that it’s way harder to make them work. A bad player in a Kleber is just such a difference to a Kleber player with hands. When it comes to Russian ships it’s way more forgiving

  4. Yay. It’s back…”Hellooo good people of youtube” 🥳

  5. Love cruisers played well.

  6. @jonathonparker1532

    Babe wake up new sealord dropped

  7. Took me a bit, but recently I have seen how powerful the DM/Salem can be. Angling your armor is a big thing and even that might nope help against higher caliber guns.

  8. Very well played. There is nothing more ro say. 👍

  9. .Louchuan is one of the Romance of the 3 Kingdoms-themed ships. A Lion reskin if I recall correctly

  10. Very interesting replay

  11. @TheBossssssssssss

    Legend has it, the shells are still floating.

  12. I’ve seen this a couple times (all dead, but not a draw).

  13. RGN gods were with this one and the enemy team got cocky.


  15. Man, that was just an amazing game.

  16. @ThemightyEnterprise

    One time I killed a DD and BB with Yorktowns secondary guns

  17. @broccanmacronain457

    Last minute take down, great battle Salem!

  18. This happened to me once but even though the replay on slow motion showed i was alive for 0.3 seconds after the points indicator hit 1000 for our team, the game indicated a tie. I guess WG game does not look at tenths of a second. No big deal it was a very unusual situation. My ship also got destroyed and the game indicated a tie (there was no team with ships alive).

  19. That’a the first time I’ve seen a single ship kill a T10 sub.

  20. Nice match good !

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