World of Warships: I Have No Idea What I’m Doing

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you asked for boyos so lets see how it goes


  1. lets see how this goes

    • you better grind this baby to at least some T-VIIs, hopefully you’ll like it ;D

    • I am so pissed. You got a Karmen on your first day, while it took me 7 FUCKING MONTHS YOU LUCKY PIECE OF SHIT

    • I’m not a fan of this game, I prefer war thunder, but ur videos are still great

    • great to see you playing this game but just tip of advise over the enemy ship you see the icon of their class and if your targeting them it’ll have a cross hair over it to change the ships your targeting press “x” over the ship you want to target this will help tremendously while you shoot them since it’ll track them for you so all you have to do is correct your aim. Also double click to shoot all guns. and i feel that once you start to play it some more and get a better feel for whats going on you’ll be much better at the game. also once you get decent at the game they have anime ships in the game some you can buy others you had to earn

    • I think you did very well for your first run. Great job Dita.

  2. Minecraft lets play when?

  3. I think stell ocean is better. You should try it.

  4. dita dita the guns lock on automatically when zoomed in there is no need for all that fidgeting with the gun aiming, its kinda giving me and the gunnery crew a headache xD

  5. More more more more more more more more more !
    Please please please please please please please ! 🙂 I love this game 🙂
    Dytto ples…

  6. Damn, Dita! Well done…WoW is a great flipping game, and when u get the hang of it and get some better ships it can be a lot of fun

  7. nice WoWs love it ^^

  8. Bill William the 3rd

    Dita is feeling like a pro by getting all them kills but little did he know he was playing against bots all along

  9. Tonganian Nationalist

    At least your World of Warships works.. mine doesn’t,is anyone willing to help me with that?

    • delete system 32

    • Tonganian Nationalist

      Tried that already.

    • So whats the problem

    • Tonganian Nationalist

      Just got answered by the Wargaming Support. In case any of y’all are having problems similar to mine,here is what Wargaming wrote:

      Dear Captain,

      Thank you for coming back to us.

      After investigating and collecting data, it seems that the last major update on Windows 10 brought some issues with our game.

      We are currently working on a permanent solution and we hope we will be able to provide it soon.

      In the meantime, there are a couple of workarounds that have helped some players, but it depends on your device configuration and it is not helping all our players. However, here they are:

      1- Disable the Intel HD graphic solution and run World of Warships only over the dedicated GPU. This can be done through the Windows System management /Nvidia Control Panel or in some cases via the BIOS.

      2- Disabling the dedicated GPU and running the game only with Intel HD was possible. This also can be done via the Windows System management.

      3- Try launching the game with default settings: To do so, please go to your installation folder and delete the “preferences” or “preferences.xml” file (depending on the configuration of your PC).

      In any case, running the game on minimum graphic quality, for the moment, is recommended.

      I hope you will understand this limitation and that the game will be fully operational soon.

      In case you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

      Best regards,

      David Duke

      Wargaming Customer Support EN/ES

      EU Wargaming Support – Follow us on Twitter

      EN: Once this ticket is closed, you will have access to a short survey. Please, take the time to fill it in to help us improve our overall quality.
      ES: Una vez cierres el ticket, tendrás acceso a una breve encuesta. Por favor, ayudanos a mejorar la calidad del servicio rellenándola.

    • Tonganian Nationalist intel integraded graphis are those still a thing?

  10. Dude i get cancer from this video my Dude do you even know focus the enemies. Open damn controls dita for godsake

  11. Gledam rukomet Hrvatska-Srbija

  12. I could teach you so much about this game.. but I quit it after multiple tier 10’s lol

    She’s back!! Wew

  13. Михаил Анисимов

    torpedobeats on this channel… soon)

  14. I think that this is the most silent video of your channel xD

  15. 1:07
    Dita’s first encounter with Wargaming’s RNG.

  16. the game is okay, but it’s a bit kill stealing for my taste. to whoever has the Better connection.

  17. имя фамилия

    war thander

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