World of Warships – I hope I’m worthy

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I started the match by talking to chat and wasn’t even thinking where I was going so I found myself in a hairy situation and asked for help. Help has arrived but it didn’t end well for him and I just hope that I was worthy of his sacrifice in the end.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Edinburgh not the last…..LMAO

  2. I have said for ages that instead of losing speed they should lose HP instead if they run the line

  3. Your ‘mental breakdown’ playlist, which I only just discovered, had me in stitches _every_ video =8-D. And then there is the “Best Random Team Ever” playlist.

    I seem to notice a difference in play style from back then (early 2017?) compared to now. In many games, esepcially on the latter playlist, you’re happily singing along, chatting away about completely unrelated subjects (“rhythm guitar”), chatting with your twitch subs etc while farming damage, seemingly oblivious while your team is either already laying the groundwork for the inevitable defeat with an awful lemming-train _or_ in other cases while they are just being killed off, one by one, until you finally wake up to notice there’s “suddenly” only three of you left.

    Would you say your leadership skills have improved since you started that series? Do you notice sooner these days when your teams start doing stupid shit, and have you tried or even been successful in steering them in a better direction? Before it is too late?
    (Posted this question before even watching the video, it is unrelated to this game, I just used it because it is the latest one.)

  4. What am I watching !? Randoms DD’s smoking up a radar cruiser !? Is it even possible ?

  5. 1:40
    “(…) how is the state of the game?”

    Perfect timing. Just. Perfect.

  6. 12:40 That Tirpitz really wanted to kill you ; shooting HE

  7. how did he get free xp almost equalling to normal xp earned??

  8. Dip-Dip Potato Chip

    Radar Yueyang and I just had a match with a Conqueror using AP. The world has gone totes mad.

  9. Mrs Edinburgh and all the baby Edinburghs sadly waiting for dad to come home for Christmas.

  10. One of your best sides, my friend! Most people would flame that guy for dieing that quick, but you sir took your errors like a man! A real big boy compliment and apology!
    And thats why we love you!*slap that like button like a b**ch*

  11. Flambass, why are you playing Des Moines? You hate the Des Moines.

  12. Please try the Kidd. Give me some lessons on it. I just got it. 😉

  13. I farmed to Minotaur in 2 days??

  14. 4 hurricane players on 1side… WG MM needs work…

  15. “Where did all my health go” that’s what a Worcester does to people

  16. Is there an ‘expert torpedo dodger’ badge/medal? Cuz I’m sure Flambass would have thousands of them……..

  17. “Yueyang is a radar Yueyang” That’s the entire SEA server

  18. Alexandre Barcellos

    Hey we miss the cancer division!!!

  19. This is why I love watching Flambass. He always gives credit where ever it is due, even when the slightest. Unlike some other famous CCs who are full on “Its all me and shit teams” every time. GJ Flambass 😀

  20. What’s the little EKG thing for ?

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