World of Warships- I Just Bought The FDR, So How Broken Is It?

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Hey guys, today I have acquired the FDR, and today we take her for a spin and see just how busted she it, enjoy!

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Ross Rowley:

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  1. Im the 3rd Viewer and a big fan as well. Especially in these hot days.

  2. Even thunderer feels like tier 8 compared to this, and Im not a cv hater.

  3. FDR: exists
    Pain of going against one: Hello
    (Can’t imagine two of em in a match)

  4. You played the FDR in grand battles? Thats the most evil thing I can imagine!

    • StarshipEnterprise

      @Jock1092 Jock It’s not good for anyone. While it not much change CV gameplay, it make DD play stupidly easy.
      You know, if a DD player has enough braincell to be able breath and think at the same time, they turn off AA and hide from any carrier anyway. However, it’s false to think that DDs role to hide. Even the comming submarines can only “hide” in 50% of the battle.
      DDs role to spot. And while DDs are the hardest to play shipclass, also the most overpowered too. This is why radar exist at the first place to give any type of counterplay against DDs..
      And you know a hard and important class, which is almost overpowered, got a help just because the players who play it are too stupid to simply learn the game (And turn of AA) and they complain because they want to play that class to hide during the whole battle and sneak torp everything.
      It’s realy realy bad for the game.

    • @StarshipEnterprise I think you misunderstood what I meant – it’s not good for the game but it is good for the individual players in cvs and dds.

      No one really plays CV wanting to spend 10 minutes hunting a decent DD but if you don’t you will catch hell from your team regardless of anything else you do (unless it’s some magical situation where you kill the enemy cv ie musashi and T8 CV).

      People play cv to farm, to get those evil strikes off at bigger targets and see the damage rack up – I mean even if you kill 3 +DDs you won’t break 100k damage because of the time it takes vs thier tiny hp pool and suddenly the match is ending and you wanted to hit something fun.

      For DDs again, it’s the player not the game that benefits because being the focus of a CV even in a super stealthy ship like shima is no fun or an AA monster like halland it might be fun the first time when you pop your AA trap and wipe a squad but then you get the hail of shells and flight 2 who now doesn’t need to be overly worried of you AA because you need the DFAA to be a true bad target.

      This is assuming both cv and dd are a touch above average skill say 52% or higher, yes a high skill dd can make a cv really work to see it or hit it and a great cv cannot be avoided but in my experience most of both fail to do the basics.

      I’ve seen always AA on shimas and hallands who never turn AA on even when being focused to death by planes – I’ve killed a good few hallands in my lexington and cv is by a massive margin my least played class (something like 2-3% of all games).

      It’s not great for the game, but it
      removes a boring or plainly not fun part of playing either class so it benefits the individuals by allowing them freedom to do what they play the class for.

    • StarshipEnterprise

      @Jock1092 Jock If you play CV for damage dealing, you play it wrong. CV is first of all is for spotting and make the other teams life harder. If you go for a torpedo strike against a BB, the prime goal is not to maximize dmg, but to force them to dodge, and maybe show broadside to a friendly BB.
      It doesn’t matter what you team say, simply turn off chat and no one will annoy you.
      Anyway you can sink 3 DD and do 30k dmg, and earn far far more xp with that, than what you would earn 80k dmg in a single Musashi. If you don’t know that you simply don’t understand the game mechanics and shouldn’t even play the game.
      Damage is a number, but it totally useless in the game. If you deal 90k dmg into a Musashi and it’s still alive you are less usefull than those who take out a 1 hp left Shimakaze.
      DDs and CVs are the hardest to play ships in the game, and if you don’t understand the basic elements of the game, and just want farm dmg, then you should play cruisers and BBs in tier 3 not CVs and DDs in high tier.
      This change only good to the stupidest individual players, who shouldn’t be in those ships at the first place.
      But this change not force them to play other class, or learn a bit about the game and became a better player, but help them to be the same dumb idiot, and ruin others games in high tier battle without learning anything about how to be a better player.

      You wrote: “”I’ve seen always AA on shimas and hallands who never turn AA on even when being focused to death by planes”
      And this is the problem, this change help these idiots, so make more from them, while it not change anything for the better. We only get more stupid bad player, and less good.
      And if you want to play CV deal high damage, and ignore DDs play german CVs those ships has no weapon against DDs as they had AP rockets and those citadels dealt huge dmg in lightcruisers. AND those planes are nerfed too, so german CVs which ap rockets had already hard to aim, now almost impossible to use them against their prime targets, which are not DDs but cruisers….

    • @StarshipEnterprise I know what you are saying is technically right but again I’m not talking about what best, I’m talking about what’s more fun.

      But I did overlook German CVs entirely so that is a good point.

      I suppose I look at it my way because the game is in a state where player skill is getting lower and fixating on doing what is right/most efficient is – right now anyway – more often than not just an exercise in frustration as you try and the bulk of the team does not.

      I mean sure certain targets are better for xp based on hp since its % based not number based, but lets be honest and take an example, slapping a BB for major damage is always more fun in the moment than getting that 1- 3k on a DD but the DD hit is almost always more valuable to the win.

      I do play properly most of the time and can do extremely well in almost any class, but it’s not the same as playing for fun because playing for the win relies too much on the idiots you do get saddled with.

      I used to care about balance and playing my best every game, but honestly the game feels more enjoyable when you play for fun over stats, which is the case I’m talking about.

      I just wish we had actual separate modes for fun and real play instead randoms and smaller randoms (ranked)

    • StarshipEnterprise

      @Jock1092 Jock Playing with and against stupid players is not fun. It’s the thing which kill the fun in the game.
      The more the stupid player in the game, the more annoying it, and the less motivation I have to play it.
      So what is best, is the fun.
      And this not fun. It’s support stupid play, which is kill every fun.

  5. as an all class player this gameplay looks extremely frustrating as the planes are so slow. On the receiving end is also frustrating because you can’t do anything about the planes. So from my point of view, i just dont like it. Dont care wether im playing it or not. Max immelman is a much better choice in my opinion.

    • Mercer the Gamer

      Im gonna agree to that, also Immelman needs at least some sort of skill to use, since your planes have lower hp and for all your planes you would need broadside targets

    • Charles Pathfinder

      @Mercer the Gamer oh you can attack from range. That requires skill.
      Long range torps/Skip bombs? What else do you want?

    • @Charles Pathfinder If you asking, my AP rockets, so I can hunt CVs. Speaking of which, what happened to the other CV they planed, Voss, who had rockets

    • @Mercer the Gamer I think it was the exact same ship with a different loadout. (Not 100% sure, correct me if I’m wrong.) Same thing as the testing phase Zeppy variants. It probably transformed into one of the new Bias Naval Aviation monstrocity. That, or it is in development gulag. Who knows.

    • Arman Sagmanligil

      @Mercer the Gamer Werner Voss, iirc, was only ever a platform for testing the skip bombers, being a carbon copy of MVR. Immelman is basically the evolution of it, and by extension the planned Soviet CVS, since they use skip bombers

  6. I will tell you once and I would tell you again. comparing the Midway with the FDR is like comparing Des Moines with Henri. one does good damage but meaningful damage while the other one just farms large amount of damage. thats the same logic WG used to justify this thing. the thing is, its not very fun for the people in the receiving end. some players get completely deleted while some others remain completely untouched just the way it was during RTS. I also found this thing very boring to play because of the slower pace

  7. FDR can damage farm like a champ, but Hak wins matches.

  8. Only the new ships and mino still have good AA, its just sad

  9. As always thank you for this videos. Seen someone who can criticize a ship without throwing a bunch of salt and s**t is awesome.

    As a CV player who does not have the FDR, at first i was really scare to play against it… But one match change it all.

    I was playing with Salem and was holding the B cap with a Halland… In 5 min I manage to shoot down 20-25 planes and do 100k+ DMG to planes and I’m sure that Halland was at the same numbers.

    FDR is a little overpowered, but if you know how to counter it is not that bad.

  10. Antonio Hagopian

    If you are competent with cvs, you will see how bad this thing actually is. I’m unicum/super unicum in all 4 cv lines. And trust me this thing isn’t as strong as you might think.

  11. Well said about receiving end perceptions and OP ships. That ass kicking is not as easy as I make it look.

  12. i just got the FDR myself lately, and i play a lot of cv but to be honest haku and richthofen are better cv in my point of view, maybe i am simply not used to the fdr yet but my dmg output and impact on the game is simply better in the others

  13. SkyRaider Eclipse

    Feel like players should be able to fully spec into aa and secondaries at th same time you could call it an auxiliary armerment build

  14. Nerf FDR they nerf my thundere and smolensk its op from the start

  15. Honestly one of my buddies in my clan is a top tier CV main, and he says that the FDR is not really that good in terms of random battles. While it takes forever to kill its planes, it takes much longer to get planes back according to him and you have rather low dps. The main utility is the torpedoes for dmg output because the rockets don’t really hit all that hard and have a huge spread, and the carpet bombs are not as stand out against the British carpet bombs, and according to him, as less overall effective. So according to him, in random matches the FDR is just…meh. But in ranked, clan, and any more with small team based modes, that’s when it’s ability to focus out someone is stronger.
    I’m not entirely sure that I fully agree with him, but he is one of the best CV players I have ever seen. It’s hard to see him as wrong…

  16. I got mine Thursday night when the coupon hit. It’s very powerful, but I don’t think it’s broken. All CVs got a big nerf with the rocket plane adjustments that were just made. I think the meta will shift more towards DDs now.

  17. The planes being so slow, the very long cool down period between attacks, and the very slow regen rate of the FDR make it balanced.

    You don’t have many reserve craft, like the saipan, so each loss hurts.

    It’s awe inspiring to see the numerous 11x plane wings, but late battle, if not played right, you can become very ineffective.

  18. Watching rocket planes aft6er the nerf hurts my soul.
    At least it’s still possible to nail DDs with bombs and torps but holy cow that rocket strike delay is just disgusting.

  19. Danhvn “Coroga”

    Meanwhile Midway

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