World of Warships – I like Georgia but THIS is still the best ship

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Ppl ask me every day, is Georgia worth it, is she good etc. etc. and one of the most frequent questions, is Georgia better than Jean Bart?
Hell no she isnR;t. I like Georgia but I like JB a lot more.
I ofc donR;t want to leave the wrong impression here because I do actually like Georgia as well, but my heart is taken.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Thank you for all the content Flambass.
    Really brightens the day to see a new video 🙂

  2. Russian Bias always protect.

    That is an answer for my question! Thank you Flambass 😀

  3. •_Lumia Art_•

    Frankly I love blasting people in my GA. Though I do not doubt the French tier 9 premium one moment

  4. *_Flambass’ moaning_*
    So… _that_ good, eh?

  5. This video should be rated mature for that nerdgasm at the end. @ 13:56

  6. Next week Im gonna get JB AND georgia and Im so excited:oo

  7. Jean Bart is the only coal battleship that I needed, it’s strong, really versatile, and super fun to play. Plus its historical, some people in this game still care about such things 😉

    • Patrick Joergensen

      @Armbine the great He means “it was actually build” 🙂 Jean Bart was the 2nd Richilieu class BB, whereas Georgia was never more than a paper ship 🙂

    • Armbine the great

      Patrick Joergensen wow cool

    • Historical in that it was built, but what it did in WW2 was about the exact opposite of what it does in game.

    • @Wesley Ellis Jean Bart wasn’t even finished during WW2, only Richelieu was, and saw little action in 1945 only after modernisation in USA. Jean B we have in game is in its late 1950s configuration IIRC.

    • Christopher Pittman

      I completely agree. JB is my favorite BB!

  8. My sentiments exactly on the Missouri. GG Flambass.

  9. I would love the game, if I could play like you ^^

  10. Federico Rodriguez

    Cuirassé enemi envoyé par le fond ? but good game lol

  11. The Yellow Pages A to K

    OK you need to find Mrs Citadel and let of your steam:) GG

  12. Come coupon I have to make the choice JB or Georgia…
    Thanks for this video… it helps.

  13. Close your eyes.?? 14:07

    Repeat it 10 times for max effect.????????

  14. My Fiance is a French teacher. She was not impressed with Flambass French speaking lol

  15. 4:31 Flambass had a Jingles moment ‘Poor Shima dude, never ending radar’

  16. Wow…I think Flambass and his ship need a little alone time…lol

  17. Flambass: **Looks at Georgia** This is brilliant…
    **Looks over at Jean Bart**
    but I like this.

  18. I considered waiting for Georgia but went JB a couple of weeks ago. Don’t regret my decision. Such a powerful ship when facing players that don’t understand the finer points of the game mechanics. Give this ship broadside and it’s going to hurt.

  19. 14:07
    SERIOUSLY DUDE!! Stop cheating on Mrs. Citadel with that bloody boat game! XD

  20. A great ship, with a great player behind it = great gameplay. Thanks for showing us scrubs how to Jean Bart xD

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