World of Warships: I Love HMS Hood

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Hood is so good. Her improved AP pen angles allow her to deal with cruisers really well. Her speed allows her to zip around the battlefield. It’s a great combo as long as you’re not bottom tier.

0:00 Intro
0:20 Captain Skills & Upgrades
0:34 HMS Hood Match
12:47 End Screen
13:46 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 7 Royal Navy battlecruiser Hood.


  1. We love you Aerroon. c:

  2. Inb4 “it’s a battlecruiser, not a battleship”

  3. Amazing as always

  4. I would love to have a T8 Hood as well, but I think it would actually be too OP. The armor scheme of Hood is quite powerful at T7 and even T8, her big weakness being bow and superstructure. Take away one of her two true weaknesses (bad RNG doesn’t count) and she might be too tanky to take down.

  5. Great game Aeroon, well played.

  6. Losing team carriers just absolutely explode like the Yamato

  7. I was just think about the Hood this morning, after your old Hood video popped on on the suggestion XD

  8. I would love it more if t7 didn’t go against t9 so often. Wg gotta change the up tier to only two ranks.

  9. So… Aerroon use hms hood with hms hood AL camo but no hms hood AL captain? XD

  10. the in game music was really in sync with your pun

  11. Well Aerroon, with the upcoming german BCs, we may very well get a T8 “Super” Hood when the UK BC line gets introduced.

  12. Bought this back in May, its amazing on ranked, absolutely nukes any cruisers silly enough to come round the islands!

  13. I really dislike it when players just run away in these guaranteed loss scenarios. Why would you not just shoot, you get more XP and nobody has their ship locked in a battle with nothing to do.

  14. This was by far one of the best commentaries I’ve ever heard! So funny!

  15. love the hood, though i truly miss her old DFAA rockets.

  16. Oh no, the boy’s in the Hood. (Sounds better than it reads)

  17. Love this ship. She’s highly underrated. She’s also exceptionally good at pissing off the enemy team by playing the angled kiting game and scoring Dreadnought medals.

  18. The 1st Premium ship I ever bought was HMS Hood.

    I’ve had many good and even excellent games with her and is one of my most played ships.

    ‘Si vis pacem para bellum’.


  19. GG, You didn’t load HE for the DD at the end.

  20. Maybe you should play Azur Lane, She should be your waifu.

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