World of Warships- I Made A MASSIVE Mistake

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Hey guys! Today we discuss a topic I get asked often about: What High Tier Premium Should You Get?

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  1. Grinding credits without premium ship can be difficult while grinding the line. Therefore it is good to get credit farming ship first. Because even if you are not great at it yet, you will get better while playing that ship and it wont cost you that much credits for repairs. And will make credits for your errors in grinding lines that you do not like in the end.

    • Well patience is a virtue 😉 I have a premium account and some premium ship and grinding up to the first T10 tech line ship. In the mean time I already have Salem via coal but collecting credits is the slower part of the work.

    • I disagree. I would recommend premium time instead of a premium ship that you might have no clue about. Especially since most premium ships are closely related to tech tree counterparts. If you are going to get a high tier premium without grinding the line then you are almost guaranteed to suck in it, ruining it for yourself and for Your team. It’s not fun for the player to get sent to port in 3 mins and not fun for their team either (unless they are masochists). It is one of the biggest things wrong with the game today: clueless noobs at high tiers in premiums playing like shit and not getting penalized via credits because “premium ship” and ruining 20 mins of game time for everyone on their team because they can’t carry their weight. It becomes worse because some objectives in game are linked to wins, rather than individual performance, like the battle pass progress missions. It’s one of the reasons I like the super ship economy because it penalizes very heavily for playing bad and you actually might have to drop down tiers and play well to be able to farm credits to play the super ship again.

    • @Samarth Raizada Premium time itself is not enough for me. Because as experience is enhanced as well, I feel it wasting on already elite ships that I do not want to keep and I want their higher tiers.
      New ship past tier 7 means a lot of credits.
      For each module, for each piece of equipment.
      Premium ship is safe harbor. You play it to make credits. So you do not care that much about “wasted exp” on it.
      And if you have premium ship that you enjoy to play, you do not even need premium time all the time. Because you can casually enjoy the game and not worry about passing premium time.

    • @OneDayOld I’ve heard that logic before, but be careful: there is such a thing as “failing your way to tier 10”, and it’s very common nowadays. Everyone wants to get to tier 10 asap without even learning the specifics of the line and then they suddenly start sucking at tier 10 suddenly and can’t figure out why. Just saying.

    • Keep commander pool filled, and all Tier 1s with captains on them. Dismiss/recruit for free as required for maintenance. You will gain slots when event/gift commanders are awarded. Same for ships in port.

      Have enough credits to not need the ‘rebate’ from selling stock modules. Wait until you decide if this is a ship you’d want to retain and train up a captain for. If you aren’t credits strapped, _reequip the stock mods & sell the top ones._ If you keep your port full and rentals/event ships arrive (at least in the past) you’d get an additional port slot out of it. Cheaper in the long run for events like the Anniversary one ongoing or Christmas.

      _Sell gimmicky Signals Flags._ If it isn’t Detonation, Fire reduction, or Heal, they’re non-essential. You don’t need them because you’re not sweating over dubious marginal gains in fire and flooding chance decided by dice rolls anyways.

      _Always choose Coal._ (unless time is a significant limiting factor). F2P will need the premium ship from the Armory sooner than later, everyone else may as well for FOMO availability if a decent ship comes up; better to have the coal on hand to redeem the biannual 25% off coupon.

      _Join a Clan._ If you don’t want to Division or Clan battle there’s no lack of casual ones there to get oil for economic bonus structures. Shop around and find one with the credits reduction for tech tree ships, the discount is significant.

  2. This is really sound advice that doesn’t get repeated often enough, just because a ship may be objectively good doesn’t make them a “Push to win)” button. I’ve been playing for 6-7 years now but I’m a cruiser and DD main, so I’ve never bothered to get the freemium BBs because 1. I’m not the most enthusiastic BB player (I can play BB and I do ok but I know I’m not great and don’t enjoy them as much as CA/CL and DD) and 2. I know I’m just not good enough at BBs because I’ve not got experience of the lines.
    Stick me in a Brit CL, IJN CA or a US/UK DD at almost any tier and I can be pretty effective but that’s because those are the lines that I’ve played most and/or suit my playstyle. So I’ve gone out and got ships like Gibraltar and Plymouth, for example. On paper these are objectively less effective ships than something like a Salem, but they are ships that I can jump in and I already know what I should or shouldn’t be doing to make them work (Although I still screw up plenty), but it also means they’re fun for me to play which is more important.

    • Same in general. Some ships are just easier for me to play, like USN DD, RN DD. I’m surprised how much I like the RN heavy cruisers. And also French DDs if played sort of like light cruisers.

  3. Excellent advice, and a point that has been mentioned again and again on the old Forums (RIP). One of the biggest strengths of WOWS is that Premium ships are not inherently going to give you and advantage in your performance in a battle. They offer some economic advantages, but the game has largely kept away from the ‘Pay To Win’ concept. The player has to know how a given ship works and how to fight with it, Premium or not, and that will will be one of the main factors in how they do in a battle with said ship. Learn the line the ship came from and you learn not only how that national line fights, but the particular ways in which a Premium ship of that line fits into it, and if it is worth it to you to get.

    • True. Many of the ships u can outright buy arent neccisarily better because they are premium. WOT is honestly more P2W because of premium ammo, so i am thankful that wows has stayed away from that concept. Also, op premium ships like thunderer and smolensk were available for coal before they were removed. Even though those ships were crazy, anyone could get them for free if they spent the time grinding them. Sure there are some exceptions to this, but situations like that have generally been removed (like Lenin or Belfast)

  4. I had a rather similar experience in the other WoWs title, the Blitz.
    It was when I simply got a Ohio for free, very good ship, but, I never played a american BB before, not even the South Cal, and my highest tier was a Amagi.
    But that’s where the similarities end, it wasn’t hard to get used to the gameplay, well, Blitz is a little weird when it comes to its mechanics..

  5. all ships are situational. some ships do better on certain maps than others also it depends on what ships are on the other team. Get a ship you want.

  6. Consider taking hydro instead of radar on you Salem. The radar is pretty poor with its short range and hydro might give you more utility.

  7. Derpitz was my biggest mistake as well. 60% WR in Tirp-B, still less than 50% in the original (randoms).

  8. My first coal ship was the Smolensk. Or at least I think it was coal. either way it was my first t10 premium no regrets.

  9. That’s some good advice. While I think it’s good (and even fun) to get out of your comfort zone in this game, one of your first coal ships definitely is not the way to do it. The tech trees are there for that, while your early premiums should ideally be ships that you are comfortable playing and grinding credits in.

    My first coal ship was Georgia because I heard it’s good, and it was being removed (so in the end, getting it still was a good choice). While I did have some fun playing it, I did not do well at all for a long time because I had not played American BB’s and had problems aiming the floaty guns, especially as at the time the French BB line with its French ballistics was the only BB line I had played to the high tiers. Like, I knew that I had to take more lead and everything, but I didn’t really grasp the philosophy of having to predict turns, and my ability to look for opportunities to close the distance (to reduce the main weakness of the guns) was lacking as well. Nowadays my damage record is in Georgia, and every time I play it, it just feels so great unlike back in the day when I didn’t really have the grasp on the guns and on what I should do to make them work.

  10. I bought hood pretty much as soon as I started, loved the gameplay and ended up grinding the german battleship line before my next high tier ships were Marlborough and Kearsarge. I listened to the people on the forums.

    I HATE mid tier destroyer play and just bypassed that crap and my last 2 coal purchases have been Forrest Sherman and Black and I have loved every second 🙂

  11. Perfect timing for this video. I’ve been saving up coal for several months to buy my first coal ship. I love playing DD and BB so it was between the Black and the Kearsarge for me. I ended up going with the Black since most of the DDs I currently play are torp focused and I wanted something different. So far I’m still trying to figure out the best strategy in randoms and it seems like the guns are a little weak, but it’s nice having that smoke/radar combo. Kinda sucks when the enemy team has several radars as well though.

  12. It happens and I’m very happy that your now point this out finally. I get ask in my own clan what ship someone should they buy. The rule I’ve used for a while now. If the person hasn’t played the ship type, play style or tech tree. I would advised them not to buy it. If they want to learn how to play those ships. I’ll tell them what I know or point out who knows those ships the best.

  13. The best way to get acquainted with one of these ships, take it out in co op a few times first, without any upgrades at all. See how it does and the choose your upgrades and playstyle on what you learn from there.

    • BreadMan with coffee

      Did this with Marceau as my first premium. Haven’t started the french DD line during that time but she’s very fun to play in co op.

  14. I did the same. My first playstyle and Premium was the Tirpitz the day it went out for sale. I played mostly BBs. Then I started buying Cruisers… man… the surprise I got when I tasted the “paper” armor of those ships playing dem like BB… Now I average 150k with DesMoines, but it took a while to understand the mechanics of Cruisers. Now I’m trying DDs… and I bought a Marceau

  15. I think that getting good in a T5 or 6 premium is the best way to go. Make extra credits, and not going beyond your skill level.

  16. Good point.

    While there may be some ships that are inherently better than the others, it won’t matter if your playstyle doesn’t stick.
    Before choosing a premium, know your style first.

    The next thing – consider what you need out of you ship. If you need just a fun ship, it does not matter what you choose as long as you like the ship and can do in it reasonably well. Just be sure that the vessels you have gets all the proper camo with economic advantage for its tier.

    BUT, if you are mostly a free2play guy and you need a credit grinder – stick to tier 9. Without premium account, tier 10 prems don’t make much money, they will get you relatively on zero benefit on average.
    Tier 9 ships have good enough income bonuses to grind tons of credits. Better than tier 8 in fact, but do not dismiss tier 8 is there is something that really strikes your fancy – if you need a credit grinder, you will play this ship a lot, so it is important you like it.

  17. Ever since I saw my first Malta vid I saw the prospect of ”Killer Birds”. Now I am a cv main with 2 tier 10 cvs, 1 tier 8 cv, 4 premium cvs, a hybrid battleship and a thirst for blood, as well as a lust to drop 40 ap bombs in a time span of 20 seconds with planes made of titanium…on a minotaur

  18. My best performing money ships are Alaska, Benham, and Smolensk, and just recently, the Kearsarge. The Alaska is my workhorse though, purchased her for 1 million free exp and It was the best purchase I ever did possibly.

  19. I know this won’t be popular, but generally when I get any new ship, I play it a few times in coop just to see what it does well … or not.

  20. Not a MASSIVE mistake… but great information to help people with.

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